Mcdonald V. Najafi

The case I picked was heard on June 18 10th, 2012 In front of Murray Geiger Adams who Is a member of the tribunal.

The claimant Is Ms. Macdonald, who Is a university grad that moved to Vancouver from Calgary. The respondents are Mr…

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Angina and his company Sign-A-Ram based in Vancouver. Mr… Unsafe has adult children and is in his ass’s lived in Iraq for 40 years then moved to Canada in 1995.


.. Angina opened the sign business in 2007 and Ms. Macdonald started to work there in October 2009 s a Receptionist and Graphic Designer. Ms. Macdonald was the only female working there and making $14/hour.

She filed a report with the Vancouver police department and was told to quit her Job as she was being harassed. She was emotionally upset feeling demeaned and very uncomfortable about how she was treated. She had to use social assistance as El would not cover her as she did not have enough hours and was using food bank to survive.

Alleged discrimination / Violation of the code Mr..

. Nasal would make inappropriate comments to Ms. MacDonald for example on a cold day Mr… Nasal asked Ms.

Macdonald if she needed a man to keep her warm. Another time Mr… Nasal told Ms. Macdonald that they should get married.

Mr… Nasal would point at the seat next to him saying hey expecting her to come and sit next to him. He also pointed towards her and says come here.

On a few occasions he whistled at her to come over at which point she told him she did not Like to be treated that way and to use her name.

Mr… An]if kept on whistling at her on many occasions.

One day Mr… Angina was commenting on how a woman won an Oscar and how they steal from men, to avoid a situation Ms. Macdonald did not comment.

Also Mr… Nasal made comments about her physically calling her fat, sexy and hot. Under he Human rights code section 13(1 ) which deals with employment, sex discrimination Is prohibited. Ms.

Macdonald needs to provide proof that she was discriminated based on the sex. Decision of the tribunal The tribunal found that Ms.

Macdonald was treated inappropriately based on the fact she was a women in a male dominated work environment. There were comments about being a girl and comments about her weight also being hot and sexy etc. Ms. While Mr.

.. Nasally testimony was the opposite he could not remember all the occurrences or circumstances. The Tribunal decided that Ms. McDonald’s complaint was warranted and the company and Mr..

. Nasal discriminated against Ms. Macdonald and decided on some remedies to resolve the case.

Final Result After finding that the case was Justified the Tribunal ordered the company to Cease and refrain to prevent the same incidence from happening again. Mr.

.. Nasal and the company was showed to have discriminated due to the treatment of Women in employment and had to pay expenses, lost wages and injury to dignity to the complainant. Lost wages was awarded totaling approve. $5 291.

50, Air Fare was also covered under expenses as Ms. Macdonald had to fly back to Calgary. There was also injury to Dignity that was awarded at $4000.