Medieval Times

Middle ages, came about from all of the Barbarian attacks which led to the western part of the Roman Empire falling. Yes, the eastern part was happy but I’ll come back to that later. It’s very hard to believe that such a great empire as Rome came upon it’s end, but there was indeed a lack of army because they went to fight a battle, and the ones that were there didn’t help much. The throne became corrupted etc. And the barbarians weren’t as thick headed as they were portrayed. So the barbarians, using their mind blocked out all the entrances to Rome, and cut off it’s food supply.

Even though it took time, people starved from hunger and discord spread, then the barbarians attacked and took over. These new barbarian kings, were well…….barbarian. The made human’s uncivilized. Let’s fast forward a few years and now the western empire has fallen, there are a lot of Barbarian attacks and people are living in fear…and on islands. Fun fact: Islands then were super huge apartments stacked up one on top of the other, imagine 16 apartments stacked.

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The more the stairs were hard to climb, the less the payment was. There were 15-20 people in one place. Then the Franks came, they invaded over and took over the barbarians. Even though they themselves were barbarians, they were more civilized with their leader uniting the empire and expanding it, defeating the Muslims, and the best accomplishment of all becoming Christian. The church at that time was very powerful it influenced people daily lives. The emperor became Christian, this had a few pros and cons to it.

He gained the people’s trust as he was now Christian like almost all the common people, but it now put the church higher than the king himself. The king didn’t seem to mind that much he was fine with it. The problem came a few years later when His ancestor the famous Charlemagne, found his power dwindling a bit from the church. Even though he was on very good terms with the pope, when the pope died and the new one came, Pope Leo, well not so much. Leo kind of embarrassed him. When Leo was in trouble he called Charlemagne for help, and guess what? Charlemagne helped him, and in return Leo crowned him emperor and kissed the hem of his robes.

This as people speculate, is Leo becoming second in power and Charlemagne becoming first. After Charlemagne died, his son, wasn’t the kingly type, thus the kingdom fell into chaos again.