The Troubled Times of the 1930s

America has had good times and bad times, but there have not been rougher times than the 1930’s.Not only was the Great Depression upon the country, but also the Dust Bowl was another challenge America was facing in the mid-west.

The great plains of America were constantly getting hit with dust storms, more commonly known by many as “Black Storms.” In the days that there were no dust storms, temperatures sky-rocketed into the 100’s. In May of 1933, temperatures rose to 118 degrees Fahrenheit, that’s almost enough to boil water! Not only were the temperatures bad, but so was the clothing they had to wear. Most of the people that lived on the plains couldn’t just go to the store and buy new clothing.So most of the women would make clothing from the sack used for carrying flour, corn, potato, and grain.

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Which probably was comfortable to wear since they were meant to be used for carrying vegetable and grain.Not to be worn as clothing. 19430-1940 was a rough decade, but we managed to come back from those dark times as a country. Let’s hope we don’t see dark times like those in our country again.