Middle School Life

Middle school is the worst part of your years in school.

The first reason why middle school is so bad is because the teachers start treating you like a high school student because they want you to be prepared. When you didn’t turn in your homework on time, they will give you a detention early in the morning. Then they call on you when you not paying attention. My second reason is the friends you had when you were younger, grow farther apart from you. Then you have to go on this search for new friends.

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When you enter middle school you are ranked from top of the ladder at eighth grader, to the bottom of the ladder at sixth grade. When you are at the bottom, you tend to get pushed around by the older eighth graders. Even when you’re an eighth grader you get pushed around because you start getting into high school sports like softball and the upper class-men bully you around on the team by making you clean up the dug- out or by talking to you like you are a little kid. Another reason why middle school is the worst part of life is the gym class. Sometimes if you are a girl your schedule puts you in an all girls gym class. This is not fun because it’s not competitive like it used to be in elementary gym class.

Some of the girls don’t care about sports so you have to go on walks almost every gym class. Elementary and high school are fun, but middle school is the worst part of your years in school.