Middle School Movement

People will always tell you “what happens in school won’t matter in the future.” But just think: what if that wasn’t always the case? What if people in school can truly impact someone’s views? Well, that’s what happened when one young girl inspired and motivated students all around her middle school to stand up for what they believe in. It all started when 13- year -old Miranda G.

was blocked before entering her second period class. “You need to fix that,” her teacher told her as she glared at the student’s oversized shirt and denim shorts up and down. As she finally stepped into her class, Miranda knew that what had just happened should not be tolerated, and that she had to do something about this unfair treatment. And she did. When she got home that evening, Miranda shared her appalling experience, and many girls and boys alike were outraged.

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One student even said “i just can’t believe that this type of discrimination is still happening.” In fact, when polled 9/10 students said that they did not agree with the dress code, one saying that they believed it makes sense to dress “respectable”. After Miranda urged her viewers on Snapchat (a social media platform) to silently protest alongside her, kids all over her middle school proudly displayed the words “Not a distraction” on their wrists. When asked for comment, Miranda replied “It just made me angry how young girls at this school are being sexualized without reason. We are being forced to cover up and suppress our bodies since we apparently pose as a ‘distraction’ to male students.

But, how about we start teaching boys not to see girls as objects but as human being, just like them, who are worthy of respect.” Today, as more students become cognizant of the inequitability that comes with this school’s dress code, more start fighting for equality and what they believe is right.