Milk Argumentative Essay

Most people have been drinking milk for all our lives, thinking that it has been beneficial to our health. But studies in the past few years have shown that milk actually hurts us more than it helps us. It has been linked to various health related problems, none of them minor. Clinical studies have connected milk to a myriad of deficiencies and other personal health problems.

These include an increase in cholesterol and saturated fat in your diet, and an increase in the likelihood of getting prostate or breast cancer, as well the the development of obesity, diabetes, or heart disease (Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine ). Finally, it causes iron deficiency anemia, and it causes diarrhea and cramps in a large portion of the worlds population (Frank A. Oski). Although this builds a strong case against milk, it is actually just a case of causation vs. correlation.

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Even with all these health problems that have been “linked” to the drinking of milk, milk is still a very important part of our diet. Many people enjoy milk every single day, whether it be with a meal (cereal) or all by itself. Milk itself is high in a number of nutrients, such as “calcium, riboflavin and other key nutrients…”(National Dairy Council). No other product offers a nutrient package quite like what milks has. It is known to increase both bone mass and density (Heidi Kalkwarf), and the food pyramid says that you should get 2-3 servings daily of it (Ruth Kava). Even if you don’t enjoy normal milk, there are MANY other kinds of milk out there, such as buffalo, camel, goat, or horse milk (Britannica Concise Encyclopedia).

But, the biggest support of milk is that it has been around for ages. There have been various cave paintings found depicting cave men milking what seems to be some kind of animal ( This would indicate that we have been drinking milk since pre-recorded history. Even though there have been claims that milk is bad for you, we have been drinking milk for generations past, and we would lose a large part of our diet if we stopped drinking it. Even with the rare lactose-intolerant person here and there, for the most part, we need it.

Though milk has been supposedly linked to a large variety of health problems, it is actually very beneficial for most people to drink. We have it on its own, with cereal, and it is used in a multitude of cooking recipes. So, ignore the minority of naysayers, and keep enjoying your milk. Citations -Reporter, Daily Mail. “Prehistoric Dairy Farmers Grazed Herds of Cows over Seven Thousand Years Ago – in the SAHARA DESERT.

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