Milkshake Case Study

Major Issues and Players The major players in this case study are George Stein and Paul Burnham with regard s to their employment at Eastern Dairy. The major issues at play relate to poor business planning improper management, lack of ethics (decisions made by George and Paul) and social responsibility (the possible health Issues of related to the contaminated products).

Analysis of the Issues and Players In this case, there are several instances of poor management including but not limited d to: lack of proper training, accountability and adherence to manufacturing Industry standard s, etc. A company as large as Eastern dairy should have a manager on site and more than 4 e employees for the night shift, especially given how critical the night shift is in meeting production n needs.

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The so- called “leader” of the group, Paul is worried about going home early and the cost Impact to the company If product needs are not met for one night, Pall’s deciles n to Ignore the Issue puts George In an extremely difficult situation. Another problem to note is the management in many corporations today. All too often n, employees have self- serving motives and conflicts of interest that essentially stems from culture of the organization and how it operates.

When George initially brings the sis u to Paul, we learn quickly from Pall’s demeanor that he had encountered the problem In the p SST and had seen the maggots several times.

Paul is essentially immune to the stomach in k onto’ feeling that George experienced as he was headed home. The lack of ethical culture that was instilled by Eastern Delays management Is such that the employees Just care about CLC cockle In and out and do not take pride in their work. The fact that Paul is in a position to over see the night shift in and of itself is a significant issue. Furthermore, the company culture did d not instill