Minimum Wage

In this editorial i’m talking about minimum wage this is a very important topic to me because i’m a highschool student who wants to get a part time job. I’m going to be getting into the specifics on minimum wage. I am going to be stating my opinion on the subject and whether or not I think it should be increased. I believe the national or even the state minimum wage should be increased.

First, what i’m going to be talking about in this paragraph is what I think about the state minimum wage. To be specific i’m talking about whether it should stay at $10.00 an hour or increase to $13.00 an hour. In my opinion I think it should be increased to $13 instead of staying at $10.

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I think this because it would be a bigger help to young high school students. The way it could help them is it could push them to get into the workforce and build up a some work experience to get them to new heights in business. It could also keep more kids away from the streets since they will be too focused on their job and making money to buy games, clothes, and new phones.Overall I think this would be the more rational thing to do for the states. Second, I’m going to be talking about the national minimum wage.

More importantly why it should be increased. It should be increased because it will cause do the same as the state minimum wage. I am saying to increase the wage because what if some places decide to pay you the national wage instead of the state wage. By the way the national minimum wage is $7.25 an hour which is really low compared to the state minimum wage that’s at $10 an hour. If they do that they’re not technically breaking any rules and that’s the exact problem instead of paying the higher wage to their workers they just pay the lower one because they want to save money.

The money given to those workers that get payed state minimum wage is way better because it also gives more money back to the government in taxes taken out of your paycheck. If more money is given to the government means it can also be distributed to charities and other government projects that can help the country. In conclusion, I think that if the minimum wage can be increased it can help the country greatly by helping the economy even more. Raising minimum wage can make america even greater that it already is. In fact the minimum wage for California is already increasing to $13.

This means the government is thinking the same thing as me when it comes to my opinion on the subject.This is what I think about minimum wage in the United States.