Zip it Shut!

Can we go back to when our parents were kids? Our age maybe? There were a lot of consequences for talking while the teacher was talking or mouthing off in class. What do we get now? Detention. An hour or half hour after school. So what? What’s that going to teach us? Nothing. Nothing at all.

If teachers were smart they would make us do something that would make us shut up in class. But no. They make us sit in a classroom. How terrifying. “Oh no I have to sit in a room for an hour!” In my school, they even let you sleep in detention.

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Stupid, stupid, stupid. I mean, I don’t like getting in trouble. Of course not. But I personally HATE it when people interrupt the class while I’m trying to understand what the teacher is talking about so I don’t fail. I want to understand my homework assignment.

That doesn’t mean I’m a “nerd” or whatever lame name some people who would like to classify me as. It just means I like being successful so I can do what I want without my parents yelling at me all the time. And most of the time, I can’t do that because all the classes I have, are with the GAP students. And all those students are always talking. Non-Stop. It’s annoying.

I have to sit quietly in class and listen to the people who apparently do like failing say something sick or disgusting or “that’s what she said” every time the teacher says something. I mean, I don’t mind saying sick or disgusting things once and a while. But in a classroom. No. Never. Talking is for gym class, study hall, passing between classes, and lunch.

Not while a teacher is trying to explain something. And I just wanted to say that because I’ve been annoyed with it for quite some time. Thank you for reading.