Miracle Worker

The Miracle Worker gives a moving glimpse into the challenging life of young Helen Keller, who became an international hero despite almost hopeless challenges. The story begins at the turn of the twentieth century in the South, as a desperate mother and a country doctor are frantically trying to steer an infant, Helen, through a life threatening and altering fever, with little technology to help. Although Helen survives, her sight and hearing do not, creating a nightmare situation for everyone involved. The family desperately struggles, as Helen grows to be a toddler and then a child, to be able to communicate and reach the, “the little girl locked inside”. As local doctors and experts give up and efforts seem futile, Helen and her family find hope with Annie, a dedicated and gifted teacher. She refuses to allow Helen to fail and tirelessly attempts to aid in her awareness of not only her physical surroundings but also the people closest to her.

Against all odds, and the protests of Mr. Keller, who only wanted his daughter to overcome the stigma of her condition and behave respectful in society, together they prove to the world that determination and compassion can conquer even the most impossible challenges. The Miracle Worker is a gripping journey through the worst fears of most people; the loss of the two most important human senses, sight and sound. The audience questions, “What makes a human, human,” as Helen battles to find her humanity while lacking these seemingly essential guideposts. As Helen finally discovers the ability to organize her thoughts through language, each audience member is forced to examine and honor their own life’s struggles and those of others. If I was a director.

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…(director’s view) As a director, I realized and learned many things from Helen that many of us take for granted. In my opinion, a great number people are not thankful enough for what they have.

As humans, we complain too readily of things we covet such as money, power, or trivial materials. But this girl, without the two most important human senses, was grateful for and developed the three senses she did still have to live a fulfilling life and become successful. We need to realize that each person has different talents and capabilities, which often may be hidden, including those within ourselves. Some of us may not be aware of what they are until we are confronted with our worst fears and have no choice but to act upon them. We never know when these gifts may be taken away in an instant, and so we need to treasure them.

Helen Keller was a great example of what the human spirit is capable of. I think this message is extremely important as countless people often suffer from greed for more money and power. I want to challenge each and one of you, to put yourself in another’s shoes; if you lost your most important senses or even basic abilities, would you have strength to overcome such challenges and reach for victory? If I’m going to make a movie…

.my cast are… -The Doctor- Ulrich Reinthaller Ulrich is an older German actor who will play the role of the small town doctor, without the skills to be able to diagnose Helen’s severe issues. He has proven that he can act as an ineffectual doctor in a movie called “Hallo Onkel Doc”.

-Kate- Naomi Watts Naomi has done many different kinds of movies such as “The Impossible” where she was a mom, and has shown that she can act as a kind, caring, and sacrificing mother for a blind child. -Keller- Hugh Jackman Hugh Jackman is an Australian actor who has done varies types of movies such as ” Les Miserables”, where he was a rough man before, but kind later. This proves that he is able to act haughty outside, but a kind and loving husband inside, which is Keller. -Helen- Emily Alyn Lind Emily is a young American actress who performed as an intelligent but strong willed girl in a movie called ” November Christmas”. She has proven that she can adapt into Helen’s character by acting like a smart, stubborn, and blind girl.

-Percy- Tyrel Jackson Williams Tyrel has shown that he is able to work with others in a TV series called “Lab Rats”. This shows that he can act like Percy, who serves other people and can be a tool to teach Helen. -Aunt EV -Meryl Streep Meryl showed that she could play the role of Aunt EV, who is very talkative and caring. In the movie,”The Giver” she acted as a strong and talkative politician. Best .

..1 scene Although the story in its entirety is a difficult road travelled for every one involved, for Helen it is the toughest of all. The climax comes towards the end of this journey when Helen makes the most startling breakthrough-that she can connect everything to a name and finally began her life’s purpose- to communicate. In this scene, Annie forcefully drags Helen to the water pump, after a set back in her behavior.

They have heated confrontation where Annie pressures Helen to hold a jar while she fills it with water. In a last attempt to make her understand that everything has a name, she writes the letters W-A-T-E-R on her palm. Here, after all the problems and chaos along the way, Helen comprehends what Annie has been trying to accomplish from the first time they met. She has now made ultimate discovery and can begin her life over with a purpose. At the beginning of the scene, the viewer will feel a range of emotions from tension to uncertainty. In the end, her truth is revealed and your feelings move into compassion, and finally elation as she comes to terms with her few found sense of herself and what she has accomplished You will leave the theater with a better understanding of how hard it is to communicate with these specific disabilities and hopefully make you grateful for what you have.

This scene reveals the bigger meaning of the whole; determination, dedication, and kindness can win over enormous hurdles and success can be gained even the most difficult circumstances.