The Migrant Worker Experience

During this time unemployment was up at 25%. (Kelly) This was an especially difficult time for those in agricultural, causing farmers to pick up their houses and their families and move to California where agriculture was still thriving.

These migrant workers were often living in large caravans. They were living in poor living conditions and inadequate medical care. Leading to many of the migrant workers ending up with tuberculosis. (Smothers) In many of the world poorer countries there are still migrant workers, often in tough times people have to go to where the work is which is what happened in the U.S.

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A. in the 1930s. They would wonder looking for any kind of work they could get while living in filthy environments. They would work as much as necessary for little just to support themselves especially since with the poverty it became harder and harder to feed whole families. When they couldn’t bring family members along with them they would often send home much of their paycheck to their families.

(Migrant Workers: A life gets Harder) At this time having a job at all was a good thing. We are currently in a recession and often like to compare ourselves to that time, but the economy during that time was much more severe. However, the world is changing, and now a days it becoming much more common for people to travel to their work or even more towards it, and sometimes the travel is half way across the world.