Mistakes vs. Successes

Mistakes and successes are things to be learned from. They teach things that are often hard learned and difficult. The things that are the most difficult to learn are usually the most important lessons in life.

When a success is earned that means the process should be repeated, but when a failure comes it shows the process must be altered and improved. Successes and mistakes both teach the same things, just in different ways. For example, test taking. When a good grade is earned one is rewarded for their efforts in studying and applying hard work and diligence. When a bad grade is earned one is not rewarded and must suffer the consequences of negligence.

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But, there are always exceptions to every rule. Sometimes, there are going to be bad days or unexpected hindrances, that is when one must rise above the occasion. If one fails, try again. If successful, then well done. Failure is a part of life.

A single person is not going to always win, or always lose. Failure is, more often than not, deserved. Mankind does not deserve anything, except losses. All people are imperfect and, sure, there are some who have better ‘luck’ than others but no one will always win because all men sinners. But, it is what a person takes from those losses that makes it a win. There might not always be ‘good in the bad’ but when someone ?gures out how to make good from the bad that is when the lesson is learned.

Success is also a part of life. Just because someone is imperfect does not mean they will always fail. Successes show that when a person works hard and does the right thing then they deserve to be praised and rewarded. No one will always win either, but when one does succeed there is something to be learned. The lesson might be a small one, but it will never be unimportant. Some lessons in life can only be learned by trial and error, but whether one fails or succeeds that person can always learn something.