UNC is short for nucleus

Questions UNC is short for nucleus, which controls the whole cell and contains DNA.

Flag is short for flagella, which helps move the cell. ERR is short for endoplasmic reticulum, Inch processes proteins or lipids depending on the type of endoplasmic reticulum. Mitt is short of mitochondria, which produces TAP. Chloral is short for chloroplast, Inch produces energy through photosynthesis. Googol is short for googol apparatus, Inch packages products and sends them out to different parts of the cell.

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Eves is worth for vesicles, which store and transport products though out the cell. Lays is short for lissome, which break down waste in the cell. The autocratic hypothesis of the origin of eukaryotic cells is that over a long period of time, prokaryotic cells evolved onto more complex cells which later became known as eukaryotic cells. When research was done on this autocratic hypothesis it was found that it was inevitable that prokaryote evolved into eukaryote. The endometriosis hypothesis is that at one point prokaryotic cells ate other small organelles and then with that they evolved into hat is now a eukaryotic cell.

The evidence is that both of these types of cells are ‘err similar they have similar structures and functions but they are also really different.

The strengths of both of these hypotheses are that there is truth to both of them and it has been shown that in different cells under either hypothesis that there Nas some evolution from prokaryote to eukaryote, it Just happened in a different Nay. The weaknesses are that in the endometriosis hypothesis there is not a clear explanation about how some of the organelles are from.