The Googol apparatus

The nucleus controls and helps regulate most of the actions that take place within the cell. Flag stands for the flagella.

The flagella extend from the plasma membrane and help the cell move through liquid. ERR stand for the endoplasmic reticulum. There are two different types of endoplasmic reticulum In each cell; the smooth and rough endoplasmic reticulum. They both have separate functions; the smooth endoplasmic reticulum processes lipids, and the rough endoplasmic reticulum synthesizes and modifies proteins. Mitt stands for the dishonoring.

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The mitochondria provides needed energy for the cell.

Chloral stands for the chloroplast. The chloroplast absorbs energy from the sunlight to create energy and food for the cell. Googol represents the Googol apparatus which Is also known as the discompose. The Googol apparatus engages In further protein processing within the cell. Eves represents the vesicle, which transports proteins from other organelles to their intended destination. Lays Is short for lissome.

The lissome control the cell death, digest, and recycle material found within the cell.

2.The autosuggestion hypothesis states that eukaryotic cells evolved from prokaryote cells. It explains that all of the organelles in a eukaryotic cell broke off from the prokaryote cell and soon created a eukaryote cell in which each organelle had its own function within the new cell.


Some of the evidence that helps prove the autosuggestion hypothesis to be true is the fact that both eukaryote and prokaryote cells contain ribosome, DNA, RNA, and both contain a belayed cell membrane.

4. The endometriosis hypothesis explains how chloroplasts and mitochondria originated ND became a part of the eukaryotic cell. Two prokaryote independent cells existed, one was a host cell whereas the other was an independent chloroplast or mitochondria. The host cell engulfed the chloroplast and mitochondria which then created a double membrane within that cell.


Evidence of chloroplast and mitochondria having their own DNA supported the endometriosis hypothesis. Another form of evidence is that both the mitochondria and chloroplasts contain double phosphoric players. Also, mitochondria share similar characteristics with aerobic bacteria Just how chloroplasts are similar to photosynthetic bacteria.