Module 3 Bibl 104 Study Guide

STUDY GUIDE: MODULE 3 As you read this week’s textbook reading assignments, take notes in response to these questions and statements. This study guide will help you to prepare for your quiz. Harbin Chapter 8 1. Why does the book of Numbers begin with a census? 2. What is a Nazirite? 3. Why did the people refuse to go into the land after they reached Kadesh Barnea? 4.

What was Korah’s revolt? 5. Why was Moses not allowed to enter the Promised Land? 6. Who were Sihon and Og? 7. Who were Balak and Balaam? 8. Why and how did the nation renew its covenant with God across the river from Jericho?

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Chapter 9 1.

What does the Hebrew word herem mean? Why did God place the Canaanites under this ban? 2. Describe the Canaanite religion. Biblically speaking, what was wrong with it? 3. Who was Rahab, and why is she important? 4. What was unique about the way the Israelites entered the land? Why might God have done it that way? 5. Describe the “battle” of Jericho.

6. What went wrong at Ai? How was the dilemma resolved? 7. Describe the southern campaign. 8. Describe the northern campaign.

9. Which cities were burned? What did the people do with the rest of them? 10.

Describe the allocation of the land to the various tribes 11. How did Joshua challenge the people of Israel in his farewell speech? Chapter 10 1. What happened between the generation of the conquest and the next generation? 2. Describe the Israelites’ sin cycle.

3. Why was Deborah significant? 4. What were Gideon’s weaknesses and strengths? 5. What are minor judges, and what role did they play? 6. Evaluate Samson’s character and career. 7.

What is the function of the two appendixes at the end of the book of Judges? How well do they fulfill this function? 8. What is the point of the book of Ruth?