MonaVie is a healthy beverage that helps young active people to elderly people with health problems. Because MonaVie has been used all around the world and has reported positive results to many people, it is currently ranked number one in health beverages in the nation. There are many testimonies that indicate the importance of using MonaVie for nutritional and healthy benefits to an individual.

However, despite its glamorous reputation, there are skeptics who time and again had serious claims questioning the legality and truthfulness of the claims of health benefits of using the product made by the marketers of the r. Other major queries that have been raised about the product include the pricing and real value of MonaVie. For effective understanding of why MonaVie has this kind of positive image despite the skepticisms in relation to health benefits and nutritional balance, it is important for to establish a profile for the company and also its products. This information will be helpful for anyone who would wish to partake on the benefits of using MonaVie products.To start with, the MonaVie drink gets its name from the company that manufactures and distributes the drink.

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According to the company website (MonaVie) profile overview, MonaVie is a nutritional beverage company that manufactures and distributes beverage products from fruit juice extracts mixed with dried acai berry powder. Its distribution and marketing (multi level marketing) approach is quite unique and perhaps it is this model of distribution and marketing that has made the company and its products more popular. The company has been experienced tremendous growth since its establishment. Its products have also gained popularity and usage throughout the country.MonaVie Inc.

is a privately owned company located in Salt Lake City, Utah. It was founded in 2005. It is a company related to Monarch Health Science a giant multi level marketing firm established in 2003 by Dallin Larsen a graduate of finance from Brigham Young University. The company majors in production and distribution of diet and weight loss products. MonaVie Inc.

was founded to specialize in production, bottling, and marketing of the MonaVie products. Prior to establishing his company, the CEO of the MonaVie, Dallin Larsen, had worked in other multilevel marketing companies. He used his prior knowledge in establishing a refutable profile for the company. The company has grown from an ample background to be one of the biggest income generating privately owned companies in the United States. According to – Tony Dokoupil, in the year 2009, the company was listed among the most growing companies.

These rankings were based on revenue generating ability of the company and it is difficult to ascertain the truth of the claim given that the company is a privately owned company and therefore is not required by the law to publish its financial information to the public.MonaVie Inc products are distributed by people who are not themselves employees of the company. The company uses a marketing approach known as multilevel marketing where anyone can register and sell the products of the company and they receive their earnings based on a commission of the sales they made. This marketing approach puts all those involved in the distribution of the products of the company in a win-win situation where the company does not need to employ non performing employees while employees will receive more pay with increasing commitment to the company and its products. This marketing approach is also very important for those who are really committed to the company because under this approach after a given period of time, they can stop working but still enjoy income through the earnings of those they introduced to the company, also known as downlines.

The more people a sales person has under them (downlines) the higher their pay. This marketing approach has increased interest in the products and distribution of the products of MonaVie Inc. because an individual can distribute the products while they are doing their regular job. This may be the reason why the company and its products have been very popular considering the short time that the company has been in existence.Despite its rapid growth and popularity, MonaVie Company has had its share of problems one of them being regular accusations of the accuracy of their product performance and nutritional value.

MonaVie Inc. has been accused in many situations for providing misleading adverts on the nutritional value of their products as well as the testimonials that the use to promote their products as being a able to improve body health of its users. However the company has over the years not taken such accusations lying down. The company has been moving in and out of court to answer such claims. The company has also had to deal with other people and companies using their company name to market their products.

One example of such case is the case of November 2007 where MonaVie suit Fruitology of trademark infringement rights. Fruitology is another company which manufactures products from acai berry——————– As already mentioned, MonaVie products are made from fruit juice extracts blended with acai berry powder. How then do such simple ingredients of the drinks be that useful as claimed by the company? The answer lies on the contribution of each of the ingredient to the diet and health in general. First let’s focus on the acai berry. Acai berry is a special berry from a palm tree found in Amazon.

According to Albright E, acai is claimed to be one of the most nutritious and high energy foods in the world. It is found in rain forests of Brazil. The berry has a royal purple color and has a taste of a blend of berries and chocolate. It has a high nutritional value and high energy content. According to Tony Dokoupil, acai berry is rich in amino acids, antioxidants, and some crucial fatty acids.

Many people are not aware of this berry because it is not readily available in supermarkets. Acai berry can be found in special food shops dealing in health foods. They are also available in juice form from gourmet stores.According to World Intellectual Property Organisation, acai has a good concentration of antioxidants that are useful in combating rapid aging. Its concentration level is much higher than that of red grapes or red wine.

Seeram, Aviram, Zhang, et al also show that acai has a combination of monounsaturated fats, phytesterols and fibre that help boost cardio vascular and digestive action. Pacheco-Palencia, Talcott, Safe, Mertens-Talcott add that acai has a good amount of useful amino acids combined with trace minerals which are needed for proper muscle functioning and regeneration. The fatty acids in acai is comparable to that of olive oil which is rich in monounsaturated oleic acids which help cell membranes to be more supple to aid in proper functioning of hormone and insulin receptors in the body. This also explains why the berry is important in reducing aging as high insulin levels in the body encourages inflammations which in turn induce early growth. It should be noted that acai berry is only one of the ingredients that is common in many of the MonaVie products. There are many other ingredients used in the manufacture of the MonaVie products which all act in different ways to boost health and for other myriad nutritional benefits.

They include white grape, nashi pear, kiwi, cranberry, bananas, wolfberry, passion fruit and many other types of fruits.The different fruit extracts that are blended produce different MonaVie drinks. Each of these drinks is carefully blended to produce unique products that with the aim of meeting the various nutritional and health needs of the body. Given that there are many nutritional and health boost needed by the body, there are equally different types of MonaVie products which help the body in different special ways. Following is a focus on some of these products and how each of them is useful to the body.

First is the MonaVie EMV. According to ManaVie product website, this product is a carbonated drink made from a blend of antioxidant and high energy fruits with of course acai being the key ingredient. This product is aimed at increasing the energy level in the body to improve performance, physical endurance as well as concentration and alertness. This product is designed to be an alternative of the regular energy boosting drinks with the benefit of no worry of side effects associated with traditional energy drinks. This is because MonaVie EMV does not contain any synthetic stimulants which may be common in some of energy drinks.

MonaVie EMV has the benefit of giving the quick energy supplement for anyone who is feeling weak. It also has the advantage of providing long lasting energy effect compared to other drinks which wears off immediately and makes the user weak shortly after consumption. MonaVie EMV is almost made entirely out of juice unlike other energy drinks which are made only of soluble sugars such as fructose and corn syrup. This then gives MonaVie EMV an upper hand as it boosts energy at the same time making the body healthy. MonaVie EMV does not contain artificial sweeteners and food colors. The reason why MonaVie EMV energy drink lasts more than the rest of the energy drinks in the market is because of its composition and chemical formular which is composed of palatinose which a carbohydrate which a good source of energy found in natural foods such as honey.

This platinose metabolizes slower than sucrose and fructose which are common in other energy drinks. It is not very clear whether this product is acceptable by antidopping agencies that manages and regulates the use of performance enhancing drugs in sporting activities. However, the product is very important for anyone who wishes to improve their level of physical fitness. It is therefore recommended for all who would wish to improve their level of performance especially in athletic events. Besides improving body energy levels, this product is also useful for anyone who is engaging in activities that require them to make quick decision under very stressing conditions within very short periods of time. Another product of ManaVie is the MonaVie Active.

MonaVie Active is a blend of several different fruits rich in glucosamine together with acai berry. This product is targeted at improving mobility and flexibility through improving joint functioning in the body. Glucosamine which is the key nutritional element of this product encourages the production of glycoproteins which are very important in the creation of a health connective and joint functioning. People who consume MonaVie Active on a regular basis have the possibility of improving joint functioning especially around the knees. Improved joint function therefore translates to improved flexibility and high mobility.

This product is recommended for people who engage in a lot of physical activity that requires a lot of join function and flexibility.The next MonaVie product is the MonaVie Pulse. According to the product website, MonaVie Pulse is made of several fruits and acai berry. The drink has high concentration of antioxidants that which are helpful in improving cardiovascular activity of the heart. The drink has plant sterols which are useful for reducing cholesterol levels in the heart.

Another important nutritional composition of this product is resveratrol which is important for maintaining and protecting health blood vessels in the body. The drink also has antioxidants for protection against free radicals. All these and other essential nutritional content which are necessary for optimal health are available in the product MonaVie Pulse. According to the MonaVie website, consuming four ounces of the MonaVie Pulse will produce antioxidant levels equivalent to that produced by consuming thirteen servings of fruits and vegetables. According to US National Library of medicine, the only most effective way of managing hearth diseases is by managing the level of cholesterol in the body and other lifestyle changes. This is achieved through ensuring that one takes low levels of cholesterol in their foods.

When the level of cholesterol in the body is too high, the heart failure due to blockage of blood vessels occurs. To reduce high levels of cholesterol, antioxidants in dietary supplements is recommended. Patients are advised to consume a lot of vegetables and fruits. MonaVie Pulse is therefore very important for anyone who wishes to ensure that they have a health heath and proper cardiovascular activity. This product is recommended for people who have history of heart diseases especially for old people who already have heart conditions especially high blood pressure.

The high level of plant sterols in ManaVie Pulse helps the body from absorbing cholesterol in food. This product also is suitable for old people with high blood pressure as it has resveratrol which is important for protecting health blood vessels from damage. This is important because when all blood vessels in the body are affected there will be a high possibility of occurrence of death due to heart disease.Another MonaVie product is the MonaVie Kosher made of a selected number of high nutritional fruits and the acai berry. MonaVie Kosher which adheres to all kosher dietary laws is a great tasting high energy nutritional drink aimed at fighting free radicals in your body to increase health.

It is a product that can be consumed by people of all ages. MonaVie Mum is another MonaVie product that has been blended with the aim of giving you the ability to improve you immunity system through consuming the carefully blended juice. MonaVie mum optimizes your immune system to give your body all round protection from disease causing organisms. This product also nourishes your body after and shields it from poor common life challenges that include poor diet or eating habits, stressful working conditions and lack of enough sleep. If not taken into consideration, these challenges can easily degenerate to affect your body’s immune system leading to diseases. Consuming this product in regular basis shields your body from the effects of such situations thus boosting your immune system.

This product is suitable for use by people of all ages especially people under the conditions that have been described above. It is highly recommended for athletes who are practicing long times for sporting events. Such events may increase the level of stress in the body. Coupled with the poor nutritional diet, such conditions may greatly affect the body’s immune system leading to diseases.In summary, MonaVie products are produced by MonaVie Inc.

The company uses a selection of natural fruits with acai berry from Brazil to manufacture a range of top quality products geared in improving body health and immune system and boost health and fitness. Given the time the company has been operation and considering the rate it has grown even with competition from companies selling products of acai berry, it can be concluded that the products of MonaVie Inc are genuine products which have been scientifically proven to be effective