Monsanto case study

At this point Monsanto is one of the pioneers who successfully developed and patented presides over genetically change crops seeds. There is no doubt that companies must operate for profit and as much of this profit the company is able to accumulate that how good company really is. In order to fulfill wants of every stockholder Monsanto company should not exist. It would be virtually impossible to cover and respond every complain, an argument that ay arise from dissatisfaction.

On the other hand businesses should be organized and run in such a way that will allow to give greater benefits for the entire societies.

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At this point, Monsanto company should me more involved in the any community event that company can prove and explore any potential danger and consequence of genetic food approach. The argument that genetically improved food supply can be much more available for the countries of the third world where every day hundreds of people are dying simply because of the limited access to the food supplies. Question 3

The Monsanto development without any question revolutionized entire world this is a fact, but the question that arise is if we humans can and know how to use this great discovery for the greatness of humanity. As the biggest dream of every marketer to have a product that is superior above others and have advantages that nobody can beat marketers probably would realize that them Job Is complete and product will successfully sell itself, this is not true. As In every aspect of the business there always will be minimum two opposite sides of discussion and argument.

For Instance, specially In the hard business rules other competitors In order to melee them loses will try to discredited the newest Invention of others and give to It the entire etiquette of bad, not healthy, danger. We can Imagine millions of farmers who thanks to the Invention with the same amount of labor can receive twice as much of the craps as It used to be possible before. There Is lots of to talk while focusing on food products because we as a society all expect to receive as best, healthiest products possible, but at the same time we are seeking for the best prices possible.

At this Olin ten Monsanto Invention Is rolling ten prices AT ten Too rustically down to the numbers that were not ever believed to exist. Is the biologically change food healthy? As we are all leaving in the recent world and the scale of air pollutions, environmental disasters and others are not really creating such a healthy environment for humans; therefore, I don’t really believe that genetic food is bad.

Maybe it does not have all of the minerals and vitamins as others product but for sure it is a great replacement that can solve the problem of the hunger all over the world.