Morality of Lying

Lies are used to create a false perception. The world is constructed from these lies, that protect and lies that produce profit. Lies from the governments, lies from corporations, and lies from leaders, all have one thing in common, they all are used for benefit, whether the lies are for the benefit of protection or the benefit of profit, they are always used to create some sort of benefit. In reality, there are no basic morals, lying is to used to created a false perception- perception of situation or perception of safety; therefore lying is acceptable in realistic situation like the Second Invasion of Greece, the use of currency, and the illusion of power. Money is said to be the root of all evil, but everything in this world would be worthless in face value without money.

Nevertheless the U.S. dollar is still a illusion, a illusion of value. The dollar is just a piece of paper, it’s not backed up by anything nor is it of any value. The dollar itself is a lie, a false perception, just a lie from the government. The U.

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S. government had the U.S. Dollar backed up by gold but then it was disconnected for Federal and political uses, such as the ability to create inflation and deflation. The dollar, is just a fabrication of paper. This paper currency creates face value, it has no actual value itself.

The way we use currency is simply a way to exchange paper. Politics is the mask of greed. Similarly, the federal reserve is a privately owned system, this system can create inflation or can create deflation. The nations economy if not the worlds economy is controlled by one system. This system is controlled by a council of bankers, basically the government is at the mercy of the reserve, because, if the reserve were to print to much money, the US dollar would down grade, and inflation would pull down the economy, like a dead weight.

But if the government were to disclose this and announce it publicly, the public would realize that the politicize system they believe in has little power over the course that the nation takes. Of course these are strong accusations, but when accusations like these are backed up by facts from books such as, The Currency Wars, The Administrator, and The House of Morgan, all well accredited books, these accusations become fact. If this information was to become general knowledge, there would be mass rioting, even though this has become disclosed knowledge, not many people have read about it. This false perception, keeps the nation from mass rioting, making this lie completely justified. During the second invasion of Greece, the leader of Athens, Themistocles, lied to the council of Athens in order to create a strong navy to fight against the next invasion of Greece. The council being arrogant, dismissed the idea of losing to the Persians, with no other choice, Themistocles lied to the council.

He told them that a neighboring nation was using ships to raid the ships of merchants and a navy would be necessary to protect the merchants and the economy. The council was convinced by the lies, and through reasoning, they agreed because of the in-factual reports such as, pirates would attack merchants ship and that the trade routes would be in jeopardy. The council created a plan for a navy and it ended up to be one of the greatest navies of the Classical Era, a navy that would win the second invasion of Greece. The lie created a Perception of situation so that certain actions can be taken to ensure safety and victory against the might Persian Navy Through the course of history there have been countless lies, lies to protect and lies to make profit. Lies from the government to lies from leader, they are all lies that change histories very course.

If lies were for money a man can reason it is for the financial security of his family, the fact of the matter is, there is no middle ground. Lying is simply unavoidable in life, therefore it is acceptable.