Lying can be very hurtful. Many people can be hurt by lying. I have lied many times and it is not fun unless you get away with it. But it almost always has consequences.

I have had a so many times of lying to get away with stuff. I am going to tell you three instances where my family, myself, and my friends have been hurt by lying Here is a story of when I lied and it hurt my parents and broke our trust. I came home and I had to talk to them. I had no idea what was going on. Then later I remembered.

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I had cheated. My parents were so sad. I had lied to them and lied to them just to cover up. They still loved me but they were really sad. I felt so bad and they knew I cheated. I had lied and it just made things worse.

Another time I had lied it had not hurt my parents but this time it hurt me. I was in bed and I remembered an essay was due. It was worth a lot of points and it was a big assignment. I kept telling myself that it wasn’t due, or I will do it the next day anything. I was trying to get out of it. Finally I just went to bed.

I got it late and it hurt my grade. One time I had told my friend that I wasn’t going to something so i didn’t have to take him. But then my next friend asked and I said yes to him and the first friend later found out by instagram that I had gone with a different friend. He was mad and I kept saying sorry, but lying never helps Lying is something that really hurts people and it has for me. It is something no one should do and it breaks trust with people and friends.

Those are the times lying hurt people for me and I try never to do it but no one is perfect.