A Sorrowful Fate

It was August 19th 2016, I was laying down in bed with the air conditioner on because outside it was a crisp 86 degrees.Then abruptly I got a phone call from my friend’s parents asking me if I had seen Jonathan recently.I responded with a no.

I asked, “why has something bad happened?” They responded with”we haven’t seen him in a couple of days and we are worried.” I said if they needed help I would help them.They called me back an hour later saying that there was a Box that had my name engraved into it and I remembered that a couple of days ago he had given me a key.I put two and two together and I rushed over to his house and when I got there and opened the small silver box there was a small folded piece of paper.On that paper was written”Dear friends and family I Regret to dothis to you but I feel worthless here.” At this point we all knew what he was talking about.

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In spite of that I had to keep reading,it continued going on to say that he was sorry for causing us all so much pain and that I was his only friend in the entire school and how he was bullied everyday.What made his parents and I cry was when he said his goodbye at the bottom of the paper, also stating that he was running away to a secluded place to commit suicide so the world would be a better place. It was a couple of days later when we received a report saying that there was and child’s body found.His parents rushed to get there with me tagging along in the back of their car.When we arrived on the scene we looked at the child,it was my best friend lying there lifeless,and no color in his eyes.

We all mourned his death and we all knew he was feeling down, but we didn’t know he was serious about taking his own life so we played it off.Every Time we played it off he probably burdened himself with that guilt of not knowing that we were there for him.We were all there for him yet he never knew that and by the time we had realized he wasn’t joking about what he said it was too late for a second chance to say we love you. In the end,at his funeral all I wanted to do was yellat him for leaving me here all alone and for doing something so reckless. All I want to say is that there are people out there right now that you know who are depressed.Go and tell them that you love them and that they are NEVER alone so you don’t have to go through what I had to go through,or what his parents had to go through when they had learned that he was dead.