Morgan Moes Case Study

Providing employees with little to no information or opportunities for participation. 3 1299 stores (the oldest stores and those in the most economically distressed areas. ) * Program II – Tracks employee absence and sick leave and shares information. 27 / 299 stores (in urban areas and in areas where the workforce was younger on average. ) * Program Ill – Tracks sales and inventory replacement rates across shifts shares Information.

35 / 299 stores (in urban areas and in areas where the workforce was younger on average. * Program IV- Tracks the same Information as Programs II and Ill. Managers communicate it in weekly brainstorming sessions, during which employees try to determine what they can do better In the future and make suggestions for Improving store performance 67 / 299 stores (In stores In rural areas, and especially where the workforce Is older on average) * Program V – Keeps the Idea of brainstorming but doesn’t provide employees with Information about their behavior or company profits. 71299 Stores (In rural areas, and especially where the workforce is older on average) (l) Independent / Dependent Variables: The Most Popular Independent Variables are intelligence, personality, Job satisfaction, experience, motivation, reinforcement patterns, leadership style, reward locations, selection methods, and organization design. The most popular Dependent Variables are productivity, absenteeism, turnover, Job satisfaction, and organizational commitment, Morgan-Moue’s drug stores Independent Variables are: * Job Satisfaction of employees- since it will have an effect on the success of each program.

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Age of employees- since some of the managers chose the program based on this variable. * Store Location- since some of the managers chose the program based on this variable. * Work Experience- with Morgan Moue’s since you want to retain these employees. Leadership Styles- this has an effect on which program they chose for their location. Morgan-Moue’s drug stores Dependent Variables are: * Productivity of selected program- weekly profit per month. * Turnover of selected program- on average for 6 months.

(II) Anything else you’d like to measure as an outcome?

The data is missing key information: Number of Program Participants- it is important to identify how many employees in each location participated as the assumption here is 100%. This would provide an accurate outcome. Turnover in $- turnover is more expensive in some locations than others. Losing a inured employee with valued experience versus an employee whom has been with us for 2 months costs us more. Graphical Information- having the data plotted on a graph would have provided a better representation.

Below is an example. (Ill) Which Program is Most Effective / Lest Effective?

Clause is convinced the most elaborate procedure (Program ‘V) is the most effective, however it the data doesn’t support this selection. Most Effective: Program v Is ten most erectile program Decease It NAS ten enlist under AT stores participating at 29%, has the 2nd lowest turnover rate (21%) with the best SD (12%) of he turnover rate, has the highest weekly profit ($14,000) with lowest SD ($2,400), and it staff costs relative to its profit is positive. Program IV has the most expensive staff costs for implementation ($3,420) and the SD for its turnover is higher than the mean (17% vs. 20%) making the data unreliable.

Least Effective: Program I would be the least effective as it is the 2nd highest in turnover (30%) and has the least weekly profit ($5,700) (V) Data Concerns Do Number of Stores Influence Conclusion- This has no impact on conclusion because the data range for stores was from 27 to 87 giving it a mean of 59. 8 and SD of 27. . This demonstrated that the numbers of stores that participated in the programs was sufficient enough to analyze and interpret. Program V Just happens to have the highest number of stores participating, but that would be irrelevant if it wasn’t the most profitable.

Inferences about program success based on Manager Program Selections- It may have had a negative impact if there weren’t enough participants in the program. However, I believe there was some bias for the Managers selecting one program over the others. Even though we are empowering the Managers to make decisions for their location, we are not empowering the employees themselves as they were not involved with the Managers to make the decision as a team. In addition, Program I is not really a program, but an election to not participate as they were conducting business as usual.

Advantages of Programs being randomly assigned to locations- It would have given those location whom were really struggling a chance to be profitable and improve morale.

In addition, you cannot measure a Managers effectiveness if you don’t have them participate in a program that they would not otherwise participate in. Those who selected program I should have been shifted to one of the other Programs to see reparability. The opportunities would have been in not only improving output for employees, but for management as well. (V) Does the changing nature of the workforce and the economy affect conclusions about how to manage retail employees?

Does the participation of a more experienced workforce help or hurt these programs? Why might these programs work differently in an economy that isn’t doing so poorly? The changing workforce and economy impacted this case to implement these programs in an attempt to improve morale and the relationship with Morgan-Moue’s drug stores employees. The age of the workforce was increasing rapidly and you don’t want your employees to be too much of one age group as you need a wider range to fulfill the needs of your business and customers whom you are representing.

Walt JODI satisfaction at ten near AT tense programs, ten Interpretation of how these age groups define Job satisfaction is paramount when managing this diverse workforce.

These different age groups’ values are very different as well. Look below: In addition, the economy has a huge impact on employee motivation, which Morgan- Moue’s drug store employee’s lack. A weak economy can have a negative effect on an employee’s Physiological and Safety needs as described in Mascots Hierarchy of Needs. This is the basic needs of most humans need to survive. An impact on Job loss, or the mere thought of it, will induce this anxiety to any employee.

In a strong economy this anxiety may not exist and will not negatively impact employee motivation.

There has been a link to depression during economic recessions. These proposed programs would benefit greatly from an experienced workforce as the have much insight, previous problem solving experience and may provide targeted feedback based on previous experience. VI) How well has Clause done with this idea? Which parts of the program appear to fit well with research evidence on goal- setting? What parts would you change to get more substantial improvements in employee motivation?

The programs Clause created had the right elements for success to motivate employees as he recognized there was a need to change attitudes, specifically Job satisfaction and Job involvement. Program V really gives the employees a platform to talk about goal setting and brainstorming ideas so they can have an impact on the company and stay abreast of company changes instead of hearing it in the news. Evidence strongly suggests that specific goals increase performance; that difficult goals, when accepted, result in higher performance than do easy goals; and that feedback leads to higher performance than non-feedback.

The elements of Program V which fit well with this evidence are the tracking of employee absence, sick leave, sales, inventory and the brainstorming to positively, and personally, impact results for their location.

What will come out of these brainstorming sessions will be ideas that may become new processes and procedures that may become the norm at Morgan-Moue’s drug stores. Once these goals are achieved and employee morale and motivation has peaked we may look to reward individual employees through bonuses to push beyond goals to set new goals. W) Describe the feelings employees might have when these systems are implemented that could help or hinder the program’s success. What advice would you give managers about how to implement the programs so they match the principles of organizational Justice? Employee buy-in is crucial to the success of Program V. Morgan-Moue’s drug stores employees already have resentment concerning how former employees have been treated Ana would not welcome tens program I T tenure Isn’t senescent International about it and a platform for them to ask questions about it.

Re-establishing trust is paramount for Morgan-Moue’s drug stores and will dictate the success of Program V as well as a clear objective.

In order for Managers to achieve success with this program the need to implement the principles of Organization Justice, how employees perceive Morgan-Moue’s drug stores to be Just when they believe rewards and the way they are distributed are fair. This may be difficult as fairness is relatively subjective in the eyes of the beholder. In terms of Program V, it allows employees to brainstorm ND have a say in tracking of employee absence, sick leave, sales, and inventory which leads to Procedural Justice.

My advice is to document as much as possible so the employees can reference and retain all new information. Conclusion: I believe Program V, a Participative Management Program, is the best option for Morgan-Moue’s drug stores as employees have involvement in the company’s success and profitability. In addition, it will increase morale and provide targeted goals.

I suggest we implement this program across all stores and reevaluate it after 6 months, specifically monitor the program’s effectiveness where the other programs ere implemented.

We will look at profitability, turnover, program expenditures, potential savings for any ideas generated during brainstorming sessions. In order for the other 212 stores to be successful in Program V there needs to be manager training so they can effectively implement it. The Managers currently using Program V should serve as mentors and share best practices to these Mangers to positively impact results. I am confident that with these systems in place Morgan- Moue’s drug stores will once again lead in profitability and resume its course on expansion plans and increase sales in high-margin impulse buy items.