Motivation Is Key

Students nowadays aren’t as motivated as they should be to learn. What has caused us to become bored with our education?Can this change for us as students? First of all, students find the work that their teachers give them, causing them to question the assignment. When they get bored, they turn to misbehavior and lose their concentration in class. Also, sometimes the problem is conveyed through the teacher. When the teacher that they believe that their students are able to learn, they are more likely to take the advantage and do so.

In contrast, if the teacher were to act as if they knew everything, and never gave anyone a chance to respond to their lesson, the student will most likely stop trying. Leading them to failure. As a result to these problems, adults should teach us in ways that would make it fun for us to learn. An example, would be to give us activities that can be done with peers, or give us a chance to show what we are capable of. School should be a place where we can learn and gain knowledge, but have fun and good times doing so.

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