Argumentative Essay on Motivation

What are things that motivate you, or things that inspire you? What keeps you going? Self-Motivation is a great trait that not everyone has.

Some people lack motivation and others have an abundance of it. Life would be a lot easier if everyone had their own motivation that helped them achieve their goals. I have not always been able to motivate myself. I don’t always give 100 percent if I am not motivated. I believe you need motivation to be successful in life. Without it, it would be hard to push yourself and try new things.

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If you’re not motivated to do anything, things are not going to get done. School would be a lot harder. The drive to keep skateboarding and getting back up when you fall would be nearly impossible. I feel if I could motivate myself better, I might have better grades and be a more accomplished skateboarder. In school I don’t always push myself as hard if I’m not interested in the subject or topic. For example, in art if I finish my project early I might ask the teacher if there’s anything else I can to help my grade.

However when I finish a math test, I probably won’t want more work to do. This is because I’ve never been that great at math and I don’t really want to put forth the effort to get better if it doesn’t interest me. Sometimes whenever I try to really understand a lesson and I still don’t get it, it makes me not want to try again and I lose my motivation. One small incident can make you lose your drive, and when it’s gone, it’s harder to get inspired again. Skateboarding is what has taught me the most about self motivation.

Sometimes when I am skateboarding I see people land tricks or maneuvers that i can’t do. Times like this push me to try new things I never thought would be possible. Skateboarding is about taking risks and testing your skill level. You have to try new things to progress and get out of your comfort zone every once a awhile. Don’t expect yourself to get better over night.

Without a strong urge to get better, it’s not going to happen. Skateboarding is not just a physical sport, although it requires a lot of energy and strength. I would say more than anything skateboarding is all about mental attitude, determination and self motivation. When I’m skating I’m not doing it to show-off for my friends, I’m doing it for me! It’s hard to explain how much a skater goes through just to land a kick flip or grind a rail. Every time they risk twisting an ankle or breaking a arm.

Every time they fall they have to get back up. Every time they are terrified to try something new, they still do it because skating is what they love. Without the proper motivation you should not even consider skateboarding as a hobby. I have really overcome my motivation problems. Without skateboarding, I would still be the kid who didn’t care about grades, life or anything. I have also become a better skateboarder because every time I took a board to the shin or scraped my knee I knew if I practiced enough and kept on trying I would eventually land my tricks.

I now know that with enough hard work there is a reward at the end. Even though I might not want to work on homework or write a essay if I do, I will be rewarded for all the effort and hard work it takes to get a good grade. I have learned that if you are self motivated nothing is impossible. Don’t give up and try, try again.