Mouse Case Study

Provide a basic synopsis of the negotiation. Who are the parties involved? What is the situation? (7 points) The parties are: The communes: represented by their mayors including Bailey, Copperas, Cheesy, and Magna. Bailey and other communes believe they are in the center of the storm that is not of their own making. Mouse and the French government worked out an agreement without soliciting their participation and then presented to them as a faith accomplice. Mouse representative: an MBA manager, representing Erroneous, will represent mouse at the meeting.

National Government: an official who articulated in the Master Agreement negotiations for the French government will represent the French government. The government has asked al the above parties to attend a meeting in order to discuss their various concern and to seek some sort of resolution. 2. Given the synopsis you Just described, what are the reasons for this negotiation? (3 points) Mouse expects to hire a large group of 18-26 years old age group. That should reduce the current 2% unemployment rate of that group in France.

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However, the town In which nearly all of the park’s employees will work are Cheesy and Copperas. The payroll tax would be divided almost equally between them. The problem Is that with the Mouse building this master project, there are so much traffic going through the commune. The commune Is suffering all the detrimental effects of the Erroneous development without anticipating any real gain from It. The quiet, rural farming area was transformed almost overnight Into Europe biggest worksheet.

The entire area is suffering from noise, dirt, and congestion due to the construction.

Erroneous has employed 10,000 temporary workers, many of whom immune to ten worksheet dally, entering letter tongue Bally or Magna, winos roads were not designed to handle such traffic, much less the heavy equipment and loads of construction material that enter the site daily. The residents are extremely annoyed with the disturbance to their lifestyle. Highway signs directing people to villages have been spray-painted and are unintelligible. The reason for this negotiate is that I want more respect as the head of the town.

I feel that if they don’t consult but give the commune the final decision, the commune does not need to be cooperated 100% without being respected.

Bailey also needs money for the town to process all the need from Mouse and the Erroneous. The minimum agreement is a quarter of a million annually. Issues. This section is worth a total of 20 points. 1 .

Name your party issues in the negotiation, e. G. , in a salary negotiation, salary, bonus, moving, benefits, start date, and vacation time are all be issues you’d be negotiating.

And which issues are most important to you? (10 points) Bailey: Financial compensation if the most important to you. If that doesn’t come thorough, the town will be suffering from other issues created by the master project Erroneous. .

Name the issues of the other party or parties. Which issues do you think are most important to the other party? (10 points) Erroneous: expediting all the permits so they can keep on working on their project. Other communes: also financial compensation and tax. Government: their tax and the Roommate project.

Goals. This section is worth 5 points.

1 . What are your broader relational or long-term goals in the negotiation? (3 points) The communes are suffering of the Erroneous effects. Bail believes that Mouse should provide substantial financial assistance to the towns annually as long-term oils for this negotiation. You also want equal revenue sharing from Cheesy and Copperas. 2. What do you think the other party(IEEE)’s broader relational or long-term goals are? (2 points) The long-term goal for the government and Mouse would be similar.

They want their project to be done fast so they can start earning money. However, they will have to work with the communes since they are the towns affecting by the Erroneous. Strategy. For some negotiations, it may be easiest to make a chart for yourself. Attach an extra sheet if necessary. This section is worth 45 points.

. What is your BATAAN? Best Alternative to a Negotiated Agreement: What is the best alternative you have if you don’t make a deal in this negotiation? (15 points) Farmers would block roads in various parts of France.

There is no reason why they would do the same to protest the destruction of their traditional way of life. Also, you can expedite permits IT your people are more Dialectally compensated. What is your Target Point and why? This represents your opening offer and the best deal you aspire to achieve for yourself in this negotiation. (15 points) The target point s 250,000 euros per year from either Mouse, or the national government.

3. What is your Reservation Point and how is it related to your BATAAN?