Free Essay on Mrs.Juliana Sheehan Free Essay Example

Many kids hate school; sometimes it’s because of the crowds of students they go to school with.

But, every so often, we get a teacher that impacts us forever. Those teachers push us harder than we have ever been and help us so much. Teachers, who we will always remember, deserve recognition like “Educator of the Year.” I believe Mrs. Sheehan from Odyssey Charter School should be Educator of the Year.

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She has taught me more than any other teacher, and she has inspired me so much. Mrs. Sheehan was always cheerful, and if she wasn’t on time, there was usually a funny story about her exhausting morning. She smiled constantly and had a fun attitude, the kind that makes us all laugh and enjoy school. Her smile and cheerfulness became something that me and my classmates could identify her by. My most influential teacher, Mrs.

Sheehan would always cheer her students up with anything from our funny group discussions, to joking and teasing us, to our weekly game of Sparkle and baby shark shenanigans. Her activities would be lively and exciting while teaching us excellent grammar and writing skills. She would sometimes start a group discussion or just ask us about our week just to make sure we were okay. Those deep discussions helped us bond as a class and helped me remember her as being the most caring teacher I’ve ever had. She was our go-to teacher to talk to about our problems.

Specifically, Mrs. Sheehan worked a lot with me. She would help me with my English skills, even when I was really far behind or just had a horrible paper. She taught me that some of the weirdest, most unique, brainiacs are wonderful people and great friends. She also taught me that school doesn’t have to be boring, but rather how you want it to be; it all depends how we want to start the year and how we want to end it.

Surely, we have all had an amazing teacher who influenced and changed us, but Mrs. Sheehan did so much more. From helping us all with English, to making friends and turning new corners, I thank you Mrs. Sheehan. You are a teacher that touches others and positively impacts student’s lives for the better, and you are my nomination for Educator of the Year.