Mtv Case

They could recognize what the people generally wanted from this type of channels. The audiences could be a male or female from an urban or rural background and may be affluent or poor. His or her interests could be in music, gaming, band shows, cricket related shows, cookery shows, chat shows or reality shows. MTV tried to cater its shows according to these various needs. ?Focusing on reality shows which involved common people mainly youth of the society: Famous rock bands & artists like Bon Jovi, Duran Duran, Madonna and Micheal Jackson became more popular through MTV.

The channel organized a market research programs amongst the audience to know their changing tastes & preferences in the field of entertainment & music. This helped them to telecast the reality show like “The Osbournes”. It was a program which depicted the family life in US-the dysfunctional family life of Ozzy Osbourne, a rock singer & the dynamic changes between child parent relationships in US. The show was cited as most viewed series ever in MTV. ?Building relationship with the youth: To attract mainly the teenage boys and of course youth of the society MTV relied on ‘Gut Instinct’.

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Jackass” was an half an hour program but unfortunately it was treated as ‘humiliating, dangerous and ridiculous stunts for fun’ ?Enhancing popularity by latest means of communication: The company’s objective was to build a good & healthy relationship with the youth & to be interactive with the target market. They used latest technologies like phone, e-mail, sms, texting etc. ?Meeting up with dynamic tastes and fashion of different countries: It was really a challenging task for MTV to meet up the different tastes of 164 countries. MTV set a standard of programs for all these regions.

The company managed to be successful in maintaining the freshness in its programs offerings while catering to the needs of both the gene rations. ?Maintaining brand identity: It was a very difficult task for MTV to create programs suited to local tastes in the 164 countries & maintain a n uniform brand identity.

For meeting this challenge, MTV provided a set of standards that each region should follow. Thus they were able to maintain a separate & rigid brand identity among all the countries. ?Hiring local & young people: MTV recruited local people whenever it entered a new market.