Multi-Tasking: Effective or Defective?

Many believe that multi-tasking is completely possible without affecting their performance academically. However, recent studies show otherwise.

In the study at a university of technology students were selected based on their ability to do work while multi-tasking. Studies show that the student’s academic performance increased while focusing on one task at a time. In an article “Multitasking the Cognitive Costs of Multitasking” by Kendra Cherry researchers say that the students improved their writing performance and ability to remember information when focusing on one piece at a time, although they claim otherwise. They also shared it is physically impossible to multi-task and no one’s brain has the capability to do so. I believe multi-tasking has become an issue for students while working due to the increase in technology.

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Moreover, overall being guilty of multi-tasking myself I truly believe people are more effective doing their work when focusing on one task at a time. If people focused on one task at a time they could experience many benefits. These could include one’s ability to remember information and flow of writing as people tend to lose track of what they are doing when multi-tasking.