Dear Reader Letter o Multi-Genre Reasearch paper

Dear Reader My topic is Germanys Rebellion. I choose this topic due to the fact that I feel that most simply don’t know about is. At first, I was set on the topic Germany Systematic Removal of Jews. Not because it is easy but because I felt that no matter how many times it is talked o or “remembered”- wich it should be it is still important to know of. Not because it’s what happened but so hopefully that no one would ever consider doing this or letting this happen to anyone ever again, even just one person withouttrying to stop it. Tough I chose this topic instead due to how I somehow felt as if everyone simply blames all of the germans for either doing this or at the very least letting it happen.

Which is why I felt the need to pick this topic, to highlight the fact that not all germans under Hitlers rule were for what had happened then, The process of creating this project started out in a completely different direction o course, but with the virtually same resources. For this project, I mostly used a majority of web resources, but I also used fiction resources as well. I used fiction resources mostly to help in my imagining os the situation theses people had been in, From the germans point of view (both good and bad) as well as the Jews point of view, As I continued with my research on my current topic I came to learn many things that helped me make this project much better than it would have bee if I’d only been focusing on nonfiction work. Finally the topics I’ve chosen to exemplify the defiance of actions and choices of theses people against their country are concrete poetry, a current-event style news item, an advertisement, a dramatic scene,, an advice column, a diary entry, a list of rules, a poem for 2 voices, an if-then problem, and a free verse poem written as if they had been written by those rebelling in that time. I thought to use this approach as to help see more in the depth of their thought and feelings toward what them and their countries standards at that time. I also do it for you to see how some viewed their supposed “enemies” at that time.

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