Music, The Universal Language

Music is a big part of my life and I don’t know what I would do without it. Music has many benefits, especially for kids. Children who are struggling with their lives can express themselves with music.

Without this kind of relief, things could get out of hand. Music helps me to release my energy in a good way, not by taking it out on others or holding my feelings in. I relax when I play my violin. Sometimes after all the subjects I just went to during school I feel a little overwhelmed. When you are focused on the music and nothing else has your attention you are surrounded by warmth and comfort. Music helps me to release my energy in a good way, not by taking it out on others.

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I feel very strongly about music being cut by budget cuts in all districts, not just those near us. It’s unfair. Music can also open you up to new ways of thinking. A recent study shows from the University of California that music trains the brain for higher forms of thinking. Second graders who were given music lessons scored 27% higher on math tests then children who have not taken a music lesson.

Research shows that musical training improves performance. Music can also be considered as a sport. Learning to sing and keep a rhythm develops coordination. The air in your lungs that you use to play a flute or wind instrument builds up strength in your body. Music is art. We all have emotions and everybody needs an outlet for it.

By having this outlet kids in school are less likely to act out and more likely to be more involved with others and learning. It’s a safe way to release tension. Music is with you for life. Most people can’t play sports at 70 or 80 years old but they can sing or play a musical instrument. Once you learn how to play a couple notes you can play a lot of songs and learn new things.

Music is an activity to stimulate your brain. Music is a gift you can give and the kids who have it can enjoy it for the rest of their lives. Music is a universal language. People all around the world play, or listen to all different types of music. It is a way people connect.

Two people cannot know each other at all or not be able to speak with each other, but still be able to connect with a piece of music and be able to communicate. I understand why cutting music would be helpful for schools. The price of instruments is high and all the equipment to keep them working. If an instrument is broken it also takes a lot of money to repair. Not everybody has been fortunate to experience the wonders of music. So many people think that cutting music would be no big deal since it means nothing to them.

But they are wrong. Kids sometimes won’t admit it but music helps them get through tough times at home and at school. It’s a place they can learn freely and not be judged. I see why it would make sense for some people to cut music but it does not make sense to me. There is always something new to listen to, play, or get interested in. New ideas show constantly in all types of music.

Music helps me, and others everyday. That is why I think music is important, and should be a part of people’s lives. You never know music might help you too. Don’t cut music because of budget cuts.