Muslim Phobia

Muslim phobia is the hatred towards, irrational fear or prejudice against the Muslims. The existence of Muslim phobia in the United States cannot be consigned to a lone cause. Muslim phobia has a wide range of causes. The differences in the belief system of the Muslims have little cause on Muslim phobia. One of the major causes of Muslim phobia is as a result of civilization clashes, whereby only a single civilization tends to prevail.

This is the cultural aspect of the Muslim community that leads to the arousal of disapproval and prejudice among the Americans, as well as the whole world at large. The other cause of Muslim phobia is international conflicts in politics whereby Muslims are observed to be occupying the central stage. For instance, incessant events and news depicting people committing acts of terrorism continuously play in the emotions and minds of the people of the United States. One of such an act is the September 9/11 bombing. This act led to the suffering of Muslim inhabitants in the United States. Since then, the Muslims walk the streets of the United States under disdainful and suspicious watch and are continuously struggling to repossess their rightful position in the United States.

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The mosques where Muslims worship have created several controversies. For instance, proposals to constrcts mosques bring up prejudices that are deep rooted even among clergy members. Furthermore, vandalism acts in mosques have proliferated throughout the United States.Since 9/11 bombing, the way of life, as well as in employment and business activities of Muslim inhabitants in the United States have been extremely affected. The majority of them become victims of Muslim phobia.

Therefore, the majority of Muslims in the United States evade from making their heritage known, separate themselves from those who are non-Muslims, as well as stop pursuing the majority of opportunities that can be available to immigrants from other cultures. As a result of isolation and self-segregation, the majority of Muslims become susceptible to victimization, as well as to anti-western propaganda. On the other hand, Muslims possess little access to assisting professionals inclusive of lawyers, social workers, and specialists of immigrant rights. As prejudiced victims, Muslims frequently have more brutal difficulties in cases where they are comparatively powerless or the minority. The Muslims have been subjected to a lot of discrimination by the Americans.

On the other hand, there are several incidents of hatred crimes that Americans commit to Muslims. These incidents include physical assault, murders, verbal harassment, vaandalism, and profiling. The majority of Americans are uninformed of Islam’s true teachings. Furthermore, the media contain a lot of information about Muslims extremist and Muslim terrorist that portray a perception of hatred and anger to the Americans. The terrorist attacks create a negative image of the Muslim community.

As a result, the majority of Americans perceive that the Muslim community hate the United States and are targeting in hurting Americans.In America, Muslims is extremely a diverse community that consists of nearly every ethnicity, race and culture, inclusive of a bigger indigenous section. It consists of scientists, entrepreneurs, doctors, engineers, and workers who enrich the American society through their contribution. Therefore, the contribution of Muslims in highlighting values of morality should not be ignored by the Americans since they can use is as an asset. On the other hand, the Americans should understand that mosques do not threaten anybody but rather, they serve as light beacons offering spiritual uplifting, social, education, charity, as well as moral reformation. Americans should not have phobia regarding Muslims, the practitioners intentions, but rather, they should ever be vigilant.

This is because, Islam is the most unreliable religion by every account, lacking in decency and benevolence.