Guillaume has also illustrated the life of Prophet Muhammad with reference to the hadith, which are popularly known in the Muslim community as the famous sayings of the prophet. However, the hadiths are another section where various authors and scholars have tried to dispute the writings of Ibn Ishaq with the support that they are weak and not merited for consideration y the Muslim community. Generations of Muslims have come to know the sayings as an important section in the belief and practices of an Islam and have to be reflected upon so as to encourage those who believed in the faith (Guillaume et al, 1998). The prophet encouraged his followers to record everything that he did while still on earth in what has become to be known as the hadith.

Those who narrate the hadiths show a perfect example of the life of Prophet Muhammad, a reflection that is carried forth in the Sunnah. On the other hand, the author illustrates how the hadiths gave a perfect example of how the prophet went about doing his daily business as well as the life of his companions. Despite the several claims on the basis of the hadiths as described by the author, and which some authors have tried to reject, Ibn Ishaq strongly states that the hadiths were directly handed to the prophet to signify that he was a messenger of God and that the message in it was true (Murata et al, 1994). Those words were merely being spoken by the prophet on behalf of God. The life of the Prophet is however altered with the various collections of teh hadiths that have been handed down from generation to the other. This is the main reason why some Muslims have doubted the credibility of Ibn Ishaq collections.

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Through the hadiths, Muslims get to learn about the various events in the life of Prophet Muhammad and how God wanted to use him to pass his message to the entire world (Guillaume et al, 1998). Despite the presence of several hadiths that have been circulated with time, teh author states that the intention of them were to teach the Islam community about the early life of the prophet and the expectations of the believers in Islam.