My definition of school.

School isn’t about grades, homework reading, or and education. It’s about the people you pass hundred of times in the hallways and what you learn from them and how you act around them and show those people who you can be and who you are not. It’s about studying all these people and looking at the generation of tomorrow and how they will impact your future with things those people can do well and cannot do at all. It’s scary to think about it but you get over it.

The sketchiest kid in class could go onto be something great and the kid with the highest GPA could be working at Wal-Mart as a door greeter. School is about choices and the different paths each individual encounters. There is no right path and there is no wrong path but one path could lead you to greatness and one path could lead you to absolutely no where. These choices are the people you choose to have around you, the people you choose to like and dislike, and the times you wish to pay attention to the big things and not the little things, or pay attention to the little things and not the big things. How many people actually do pay attention to the little things? I bet many don’t at all and to me that is frustrating.

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It’s those little things that you notice that can lead to a gateway of a person. Have you ever noticed anything about the kid you sit next to in math class? He could be the biggest a** in class but do you really know who he is? Do you pay attention to his little patterns, is comments in between. It’s not life or death if you notice but how do you know he will be in the future if you pay attention to him being obnoxious, which most people would see as the big thing, and not the comments in between as the little things. It might a little confusing but that’s for you to figure out. What are grades? They’re numbers. Can a test tell you how much you know about a subject? No, because the teacher could be a complete idiot and put these ridiculous problems on the test.

Why apply yourself to something you don’t care about? Why should I apply myself to chemistry when I want nothing to do with chemistry? Shouldn’t a kid who longs to be a math teacher take all the math classes and physics and English, so they are not a complete idiot? Maybe some accounting, finance and banking, business and law so people actually get somewhere in life, instead of global for two years where the kids don’t even care if they leave this country? School is a bunch of BS in the proper definition. I want to learn about my interests and the people around me. Not ancient China, because NO ONE will ever be there. School is frustrating but great at the same.