My Dream Essay

“A dream you dream alone is only a dream.

But a dream you dream together is reality” The dream i have is to become a pro basketball player.And if not I’d likebecome a doctor that delivers babies. I’ll also have my own house and be independent. To accomplish or achieve my dreams, I’m going to have to work hard non-stop.Push myself to be a better me.And to work-out ; build good stamina.

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I’ll have to work on the things i have problems with and things i don’t know how to do.But i’ll also have to work on the things i do know ow to do to get better. For my doctor dream i know i’m going to have to go to college for about 4 years. Stay focused and keep my grades up , no matter how hard the work gets. For me to succeed igoing to need a lot of positivity and a constant trail of good things in my life.

I’ll need as much support as i can get , so if i give up on myself i’ll have others to get me out of that mindset. And time, i’m going to need a lot of time and patience. I’ll also need belief not from just my friends and family but, from me .! Some dreams can be good and others can be bad. They can also come true and not. But what would life be without dreams.

Dreams are important to people . There important to me! The dreams i have i want most of them to come true but , i don’t think they happen like that. I feel like dreams are memories that we have had and care a lot about.