My Dream

It’s always been my dream to pilot a powerful complex military aircraft. What airplane I fly doesn’t matter, but I would love to strap into a fighter jet, and take off. If I could choose any airplane, I would love to pilot an F-18 “Super Hornet”.

I see myself putting on a G-suit, my flight helmet, and strapping into one of the most wonderful machines ever built. After take-off, I would smoothly advance the throttle and engage the afterburners, and go supersonic: despite the screaming powerful engines, it gets quiet, as the F-18 is outrunning the sound waves. Since I went to my first airshow at about age 4, where I saw all sorts of amazing aircraft, I have wanted to fly. Who wouldn’t? Just over a hundred years ago, flying was not an option. Now we have the most amazing aircraft, from simple private planes, to ships capable of going into space. As I write this, I can hear planes landing at North Island Naval Air Station.

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Lots of different aircraft go by at all hours. Seeing these beautiful planes and jets and helicopters go by has inspired me to set goals such as getting my pilot’s license, continuing training after that, and staying fit, both physically and mentally. People have wanted to be able to fly for thousands of years. Now we can fly, and I intend to do just that.