My First Term of High School

Helen Keller said,”Your success and happiness lies in you, resolve to keep happy and your joy and you shall form an invincible host against difficulties.” (Keller) Helen Keller was about two years old when she got sick and became deaf and blind.Because of losing these things, she had a lack of communication. Much like Helen overcame the obstacle of not being able to communicate well,I also overcame an obstacle, the first term of high school.

Helen Keller had to overcome the obstacle of having a lack of communication. When she was a baby girl, she had an illness that took away her sight and her ability to hear.When she became a little older, her parents hired Annie Sullivan hoping she could help Helen. She not only helped Helen to communicate, she also taught her to trust and be obedient. All these things helped her to overcome her obstacle. My obstacle was the first term of high school.

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I was a little nervous but got through it by paying attention, studying, and writing notes. They might not seem like they would help,but they really did. Not only did I pass the first term, I even got on honor roll. Helen and I might not have the same obstacle but there are a few similarities. We both tried really hard. Also, when it got rough we never gave up.

Helen’s obstacle was a little more challenging, but we both got through the obstacles just fine. I learned to never give up no matter how challenging and not to worry so much about my obstacles. Helen overcame the obstacle of not being able to communicate well and I overcame my first term of high school.Helen also said, “Never bend your head.Always hold it high.

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