My Life Narrative Essay

I walk in and see desks, chairs, and too many kids that I can’t stand. I start thinking about things like what I’m going to do after school, what I’m going to wear tomorrow, and how I have a D- in this class. I then begin to hate my life because of that D-, so I try to get my mind off of that. I start looking around for anything interesting, all there is to look at are markers, a stapler, a tape dispenser, a hole punch, and the clock. The clock that I can’t seem to keep my eyes off of.

I look up at the ceiling, hoping for some graffiti to look at, but there are only spit wads probably as old as the Civil War. As Mrs. Fugate walks around, I watch and wait for her to be facing the other way. As soon as she does, I take my gum and stick it under my desk, in the exact spot where I’ve started my chewed gum collection. Eventually, I plan for it to be as big as the Pacific Ocean. I see the fire escape map on the wall.

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It’s about as detailed as a serial killer’s plan. I start praying for the fire alarm to go off. I’ve memorized the route so I could be out and free in no time, but the siren doesn’t go off. Pencils and pens around me are writing hastily as everyone takes notes on things I won’t understand. They look as if they are in a writing relay. In the distance I hear other classes, some kids laughing and teachers raising their voices at them for not paying attention.

I realize that I’m not either, so I decide to listen to today’s lesson. I hear Mrs. Fugate ask, “Any questions?” Then everyone’s immediate response, “No.” “Good, then get started on your homework, the chapter test will be tomorrow.” Great…