My Name Essay

In Hebrew, my name means “God saves”. However, to me, it means goody two-shoes. It is a faberge egg.

It is an elaborate painting. My name is fancy dinners and elegant parties. A Joshua doesn’t yell fun and exciting. Instead, a Joshua politely exclaims and remarks. My name is like a Rolls Royce; it is the epitome of properness. My parents got it from a bible story.

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The story of Joshua leading the Israelites to the promised land. A story of a leader. They thought it would someday fit my personality. They thought it would shape me into a leader. They thought the name, Joshua, was only the beginning of a successful future. Cut off the “u” and the “a”, and you get the name I go by.

It still means “God saves”, but to me it means worry free. A name that sounds more like a fast food restaurant than a steakhouse. It is a name that is relaxed and carefree. It is calm, cool, and collected. It is sitting on the beach watching the sunset. It is relaxing by the fire watching Netflix.It is the letter “z”. A worry free letter. When people call me Joshua, I feel like I am attending a masquerade ball in the rooms of an ornate mansion neighboring a peaceful lake. I feel like I am going to an Opera.

I Don’t like it. The properness of my name forces me to cringe when I hear it. Josh loves to play sports and hang out with friends, and Joshua likes to read books and practice his instrument of choice. Josh is football practice, and Joshua is cotillion class. Josh is a comic-book, and Joshua is a well written novel. Even though they are close, they are different names.

They promote different personalities. I wish I could change my name to Josh, so I would be able to live with the personality that reflects my name.