My Neighborhood

On the east side of Auburn, New York, you will find a special little neighborhood. Connecting Walnut and East Genesee street you will find a quaint little street. Its name is Sherman and if you travel directly through you will be greeted by it’s good friend Cayuga.

On this street you will find approximately 31 houses. Among these houses there is a variety of people. Some houses belong to families, friends, and some don’t belong to anyone. Some of these people are gone for days on end, but it almost seems as though some never leave. Although a neighborhood is just an area to some, what makes a neighborhood one of a kind is originality and the people themselves. Among the neighborhood the houses are an array of colors, making each one special.

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Some houses are yellow, white, and even grey. Best of all, there is a magenta house and down the street you will find one that’s mint green. The one that tends to be the favorite is the giant brick house with a wrap around porch. It is elegant with flowers and decorations for every holiday all year long. With an assortment of colors and styles, there is no trouble distinguishing who lives where. This is one house with a metal fence around it, which just so happens to be mine.

It is different because it’s the only one on the entire street with a fence. Some houses you find paved driveways and others have rocky ones. Many houses don’t have garages but a couple of them do. The majority of the houses are average, but there are some colossal ones as well. Multiples houses on the street are divided into two, giving us a greater population among us. It is a neighborhood of complete distinction, which is greatly needed.

The originality of the neighborhood makes it very special to the people living it. What sticks out most about the neighborhood is the people. Everyone is kind to one another and helps each other out. The most well-liked person goes by the name of Mr. Brown. He lives in the previously mentioned mint green house with his wife and two dogs.

He takes the dogs for walks everyday and everyone is always overjoyed to see all three of them. In the winter, Mr. Brown goes up and down the street snow blowing the sidewalks. He does it every year even though he is 86 years old. Other neighbors offer to do it for him but he insists.

Most people show up to his house on Christmas Eve with cookies, cakes, and presents for his kindness. Another group that sticks out is the people directly next door. It is a family that moved in 3 years ago. The father works for Homeland Security and the mother works at the hospital. They have twin daughters and a giant dog. There are nurses, teachers, and babysitters in my neighborhood.

Adding to the greatly need diversity in this community. Even though only a few were mentioned everyone on the street gets to know one another and holds a special place in one another’s heart. It’s hard to imagine what my life was like before this neighborhood. Living in this neighborhood has taught me growth and what a true community is like. I may find another neighborhood, but it is only a once in a lifetime chance to find a neighborhood like this where everyone cares for one another. The extraordinary people of this community make me want to live there forever.

The people that treat one another like family in the neighborhood is what makes the neighborhood a community and not just an area. It is a neighborhood that I will forever hold close to my heart.