My School Experience

I was always a good student, and I usually enjoyed learning about things.

I did very well on all my work throughout my early years of school. Unfortunately for me, when I got to high school, I began hating school with a passion. I still enjoyed to learn about things, but couldn’t stand the high school experience. It was a very frustrating time for me, as you probably could have guessed. I wanted to have some sort of challenge in school, because it was all just far too easy for me.

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One day, I decided that something had to be done about it. I just couldn’t deal with it anymore. I flat out stopped going to school all of a sudden, which as you could imagine, didn’t make my parents very happy at all. They decided to let me figure it out on my own, so that’s just what I did. I checked into other local high schools, but none of them really appealed to me. I figured they would all give me the same unpleasing experience.

So, one night I sat down and did some thinking. The conclusion I ended up with, was that I wanted to skip to college. My major problem with that was that if I wanted to get into a college, I would need at least my GED, because I had no diploma of course. After some looking around, I found a place that would let me take my tests that I would need to take to acquire my GED. I signed up for it, and drove myself there one dreary night. I was so nervous that I was shaking as I walked in the door, but I knew it was what I had to do if I wanted to move on.

Would I really be able to pass this test and be done with high school? It all seemed far too simple to work for me. To my surprise, I passed! I knew at that point that my next move would have to be to enroll myself into a community college, because they would be more likely to accept a person only with a GED. I was accepted, and for the first time in my life, I was a college kid. No more high school for me! It was tough work for me, especially at first, but eventually I settled in and I’m extremely glad I did it. I really enjoyed college, especially compared to high school.

Eventually, I got enough credits and became an English teacher in an adult/alternative high school program, and the rest is history.