Don’t get fooled by the “glittering” exhibition of High School “life”;stand firm in your act of inhibition and pull out strong with a zealous and spirited mind of what rests ahead of you for the foundation of your life. Because as humans we are and tend to be intractable and recalcitrant to the ‘mandate’ of God. We fail to achieve that which we truly desire: perfection, true and complete happiness, wholeness, integrity, and even solidity. My theory is: “high school” is its own “life” on earth. People are made and destroyed there.

It has nothing to do with academics. I am talking about the reality of high school, or what it has come to be now. It is like a black hole, greatly disguised and concealed. It is meant to seize and ensnare the unsuspecting and oblivious, sometimes foolish, teenagers. Through such astute and obfuscate methods, many get sucked in the black hole and never even know it, some realize it when it is too late, others just accept the damages caused on them, still there are those, few, of them, that look ahead, those that refuse to adhere and conform, those that are looked upon as fools, those that are looked upon as “party poopers”, those that are looked upon as weirdoes,looked upon as unimportant,looked upon as different. Those,my friends, are the conquerors that make it through High School.

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Those are the ones the escaped the suctions of the “Highschool” black hole. Those are the ones that will receive the triumphal entry, indeed they shall, for they have overcome the ways and the normal “life” in “high school” and in all places. Those are the VICTORS IN CHRIST! Know where you stand, do not let others decide what ground you fix your life on, if you do so, you are nothing more than a fool, for you are letting man control your life and destiny when the Almighty God holds all life,mine and yours in His hands.