The Burden of a Hopeful Generation

Everyone has a story, a story to tell, a story to share; my story includes a generation who struggles to reach college through all the financial webs that hold us down. We have a burden, a burden to succeed; help us bring our issue to the world, sincerely, my generation. An essential requirement for success is college. Students all over the world dream to become something, someone; someday, but these dreams are shattered when reality comes to view and brings along the dollar amount of college.

College and tuition’s is the growing issue my generation faces today, while suffering through the recession. I believe education is a right just as much as the right of speech, students shouldn’t be held back just because they struggle financially. Every student has a dream; a dream to learn, to expand, to experience, to be given an opportunity. Still, today I see my fellow classmates, who are on top of the school discourage themselves because they financially will not be able to attend the college of their dreams. All around the nation we hear colleges promising not to judge based on financial needs, but are they telling the true? Sure, some may, but not all; and this is where my generation starts to fall apart.

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My generation holds a burden to be heard, to be seen and not judged by our financial needs. I, personally have a dream, a dream to attend an Ivy League School on a full scholarship, and become a remarkable doctor. This has been my dream since I was 13 years old. I dream to use my education to advance the knowledge of the medical field with careful observations of diseases. I will make an impact in the world by changing the medical field with new discoveries, forever.

My passion for this comes from a sudden loss of a loved one whose death taught me to move on and create a difference with a smile. I’m determined to change the world by decreasing deaths of individuals, and not even my financial needs can hold me back! I hope you can help me inform my generation and colleges that: MONEY WILL NEVER DEFINE A STUDENT!