Mysterious Cloud

Mysterious Cloud School work, school work, school work. Teachers seem to think we don’t get enough. We rarely get the time to relax. Even later in the afternoon, when school is out for the day, not every student gets a chance to cool down. As we grow up, we’re trying out for sports, and signing up for volunteer work to see what we want to do when we grow up. Parents telling us that we have to succeed in life or we’ll never make something of ourselves.

But most of the time, on the inside, we want to have fun our whole entire life, not worry about paying bills, or doing homework, or doing chores. Something people don’t know about me is that whenever I get a chance, I go outside on a cloudy day and look at the oddly shaped clouds in the sky. Most of the time, when my family on the road, going to the store or going on vacation, I look out the window and imagining what the clouds would look if they were real life organisms. I let all my worries, and all my problems just drift away in the wind and into the clouds, not a care in the world. One day, while in the car, staring out the window, I saw the most mysterious, the most magnificent group of clouds in the world.

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It was at night, and the sun was setting behind the clouds. The orange sunlight beaming through the clouds. The shape of the orangish clouds were very curvy, light, and very fluffy. That night, I slept on some of the softest pillows and thought of the group of clouds I saw earlier. That’s what I want life to be like, I want life to make you feel like you’re sleeping on a cloud, your hopes and dreams of succeeding coming true, and having you grow up into a responsible adult. But life isn’t a dream.

Life is reality, stressful, tiring, and filled with frustration. So, we have to continue doing our school work, continue trying out for sports, continue doing volunteer work, and continuing to work hard to succeed in this beautiful world of ours.