Mystery of History

History, tells us many mysteries- From the evergreen Sahara Desert, to Eldorado, from the pyramids to Tutankhamen’s Mummy.

From Tutankhamen’s mummy to the Mayans and Olmecs and from Olmecs to the Atlantis. History tells and teaches us many mysteries because, it itself is a land of many great mysteries. But, many students and teens find History boring. Here is a short question of mine. Why is History so boring? Science is interesting for many students because it teaches us the phenomenon of things happening around us.When we see a vendor weighing vegetables at the market, it reminds us of Physics.

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In school or college, whenever we see some chemical reactions taking place, it immediately reminds us of Chemistry. Similarly, when we see a bee collecting nectar from flowers, we get reminded of Biology. But, we do not get reminded of History like Science. But, we can also get reminded of history just like Science, if we give it a little interest. When we see or read a book, we get reminded of the Chinese who invented the process of printing on wooden carved blocks.

When we write on a notebook, that notebook again reminds us of the Chinese who invented paper by using raw materials. Similarly, when we wear a dress or cloth made of silk, we again get reminded of the Chinese who had first learnt the process of obtaining and processing silk from the cocoons of silkworms. When, we see a calendar, we get reminded of the brilliant Egyptians who invented the first alphabet system with twenty- four consonants. Whenever we do number work, we get reminded of brilliant mathematicians like Aryabhatta, who first invented the concept of ‘zero’. Or, we can get reminded of Pythagoras, who first put forward the theory of Pythagoras property.

When, we get on a car, we date ourselves to thousands of centuries back, when the Neolithic men first invented the ‘wheel’ which has made our modern day transport much easier and convenient. History can be boring or uninteresting for only those who does not have a strong resolve that”I can do it”. India has a glorious history. China has a glorious history. America has a glorious history.

Each country has its own history which makes it special. Every student who wants to learn History must remember five major points. – Try memorizing the chapters and then the exercises very carefully. – If the above step is hard, then try learning what you find easy in History. Then, try writing those points which you find learning is difficult.

– If you find memorizing the dates and years, then try counting them on your fingers. – “History repeats itself” is a common proverb. If you find History repeating itself, you can give it a rest for two hours. -If all the points are hard, try reading history as a storybook, or read it with the same interest as you do to your favourite subject. You can find yourself catching up with History.

History can be a wonderful subject if we give it only 2% of our interest. History is like a time machine that takes us to our past and gives us a brief idea of our future. History can take us to a land where great rulers are still ruling, dinosaurs are still roaming and ancient civilizations still exist. And many more…