Narrative Essay: Trust the instincts

You can research, read, and analyze data and statistical charts. But some things cannot be learned. Some things just have to be felt. I’ve never had a great dating track record. I don’t normally trust people and have always been that person who dodged kisses and flinched at hugs.

Although I tried to talk myself out of these unexplainable quirks, they still remained. I attempted to work through or ignore them but my doubts about love and relationships remained. But then I met Scott and no longer felt scared nor avoided physical intimacy. Somehow it felt natural and right. When he proposed to me, I was in no hurry to hunt for a wedding dress. It was the end of the school year and, as a sixth grade teacher, I was stressed and busy.

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But I was told that the hunt for the perfect gown could take a great deal of time. So, my mom and I booked an appointment at a local bridal store and went in to look at dresses. I had no idea what style I wanted, so I pulled one out at random and had the ladies help me put it on. When I checked myself in the mirror, I looked and felt like a princess. I tried on two more dresses but wearing them didn’t feel the same as the one I first tried.

It was then that I knew that the first dress was the right one. I don’t know why but I felt special in it, which made it perfect.I definitely did research in terms of house-hunting. I thought about whether it was best to have an older or newer home. Did I want to live on the west, south, or north side of town? I came to the conclusion that an undeveloped basement and backyard was best so that equity could be added to the home.

I found a realtor that was willing to treat me like an adult and began shopping around with Scott. We looked at all sorts of houses, far more than I can remember. Then we found a house with a bit of charm that suited our personalities. It had built-in window sills that reminded me of Victorian homes. The most important thing is that it felt more like a home than a house.

Though it was similar to many of the homes we had already seen, this one just felt right.Some decisions need to be discussed and analyzed while others are just instinctively felt. Those are often the nicest times in life when your gut feelings nudge you in the right direction.