Nationalism and Imperialism

Nationalism refers to the love that one has towards her mother country and his/her willingness to sacrifice in order to make it a successful country in all its activities.

It is the act of being a true patriot to all the country’s projects. While on the other hand, imperialism is the process of establishing and upholding of an equal financial, cultural and protective relationship that exists between states and is normally based on supremacy and subordination. It has existed since the whole time in human olden times and classically involves monetary transfers of wealth from the subjugated states to the dominator either in terms of favors or compliment for the relocation of natural resources, taxes and use of territory or other ways (Lenin 66). Thesis Statement: What was the main cause of World War? In this paper I would discuss the causes imperialism, militarism, alliances, and nationalism. Without these influences the war would have never happened. Most of the imperialists argue that it is a must to have markets for our growing manufacturers, it is mandatory to have new openings in order to invest the surplus capital in our possession and to explore the energies of adventurous surplus to our population.

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This kind of expansion happens to be a necessity of life to a nation that has great growing powers of production. The larger share of the population is committed to the manufacturers and is dependent on life and work upon food and raw materials obtained from foreign lands. For us to pay for food and raw materials, it is mandatory that we sell our goods abroad or rather to other countries. In the first three quarters of the nineteenth century, it was possible to sell goods without any difficulty due to a natural expansion of commerce together with the continental nations and other colonies but after that, there has been a struggle for a foreign market as most of the countries have set restrictions that many suppliers are unable to meet. All these were completely behind us in the main arts of manufacturing and the carrying trades in the market. Therefore, imperialism is unnecessary for as long as England held the monopoly of the world market (Lenin 121).

Historians points to the greed and ambition of rulers which lead to turbulence and debasing effect of wealth and luxury. It also lead to devastating wars which lead to part of the occupation of mankind as the causes of the decay of states and the foundering of old civilization. In ancient world, the practice of infanticide was there, famine, legal custom and regular, pestilence and war are the normal factors in the struggle for existence. In this moment of expansion, we affirm murder and punish it as such; we announce that know one shall die of hunger; we regard death for death from preventable causes of other kinds as a sort of beneficial murder: we speak against the nuisance of war not forgetting the wickedness of the military spirit. Nevertheless, we are never wary of expanding on the holiness of peace and the innocent beneficence of industry (Giuseppe 266). The impairment of the manufacturing and trading preeminence by nations, countries like Belgium, USA, and Germany came up with more innovative and creative ways that led to a rapid growth in the entire industry creating more competition that eventually made it difficult to marshal off the initial surplus that previously existed and earned the manufactures more profits.

The transition led to a wide range of more markets being set up as the newly manufactured commodities required a ready market immediately after being manufactured. This resulted to rival countries establishing and acquiring new territories for colonial purpose and eventually trade. This pressure had an impact on the human as they were forced to strive to suit to the ever-changing trends in the market industry. The Great Britain found invasion being the only option of capturing more territories hence developing more markets for their products. They also acted mainly as the source of raw materials and labor in their firms and companies (John 35). The demand for more foreign markets for the manufactures and investment resulted to implementation of the imperialism that greatly affected the life styles of the natives in other nations.

It was useful to the rich countries as they used available public property that earned them more capital that would then support their foreign activities. The people living in the newly acquired markets were forced to work hard to meet the demands of their masters and be able to pay the duties levied to them.Whenever the issue of quantitative against quality growth arises, it is called an empire issue. Those people who are limited by number, energy and land that they occupy have an option of improving the economical and political management of their own land. These people are not confined to such things like accessions of territory. This is because it is justified by the common economical disposition of a population that is fast growing.

In addition, they take their time to spread the power within them without forgetting the energy to the whole earth. This in essence is just a choice of the many alternatives available, thus a full application of deeply intensive and extensive cultivation is next to impossible (John72). A nation might decided to put brains together and concentrate on one major economic factor like agriculture, education, technical, general and ensure it applies the finest of science to its manufacturing industries. This movement towards a progressive comfort and character is considered in limited areas and the citizens needs to act upon achieving it in order to improve their economy and their living standards. Hopson explains the financial appraisal of the outlook in the China in relation to its spread to the greater Western Europe as there is a wide exchange of ideas and practices.

The practice of the nobles acqquiring dividends and pensions in terms of taxes and duties levied from the other countries that they have control. It is the imperialism that has brought up change as it resulted in most countries realizing the need to take control of the available natural resources. In the absence of it, there could be no more industries dealing with perishable products, as there is a great support of the process of setting up and maintenance of all the local and international industries by all countries. The formation of alliances and federation of immense powers by the western states has brought up civilization in the whole globe though there is still fear of introducing massive hazard of the western paratism. Hopson gives example of how the western upper class attained their enormous wealth from the Asians and Africans continents through their involvement in various economic activities that saw them establish an empire that also led to the decline of the agricultural sector as they only supported the service industry as it was a major source of their income. Nationalism was a major step that brought up revolution in countries like China who have now control over most of the economy through its many investors, financiers and the entire business organization.

The author is very grateful as the success of the process would lead to exploitation of the third world countries and making of abnormal profit as there would be a monopoly type of governance by the rich countries. The existence of opportunists is highly discouraged as it leads to fall of an economy as those with wealth use it to acquire all that is not within their access (John 78). A German opportunist, Gerhard Hildebrand is an example who supported imperialism and was expelled from his party for venturing for a “Social-Democratic “as he wanted the formation of the United States Western Europe excluding Russia that was to work against the African Negroes, the Islamic movement and the Sino-Japanese coalition in enriching themselves without putting in consideration of the natives and their survival.Imperialism and nationalism are factors that all nations need to avoid at all expenses as they resulted in the world war one that killed many innocent people. The act of one country boosting itself as superior than the other is a fact that all people should work against as all countries are equal and its population should be given respect as all human beings are equal and have a right to per take on their duties and stay whatever place they wish on the globe. With this in mind, it is vital to ensure that all countries are treated equally in all aspects of life.

Countries such as America should stop looking down upon other countries as they have the same potential just like them to be super powers. There is no point of doing this; this is because it will not serve as a remedy as it will not permit future operations. Thus, nationalism and imperialism should be avoided at all costs.