Natural Disasters

You woke up one morning, stricken with fear because an earthquake with a 9.

0 magnitude hit your city. Even if you knew this was coming, you can do nothing about it; all you can do is hide, take cover, and hope for the best. Natural disasters are one of the worst case scenarios that can happen; we need to aid other countries when these disasters happen, set up more than just a few companies that help them when they are in need. On March 23, 2011, Japan suffered a huge tsunami caused by an earthquake that cost over $309 billion; as a result, Japan is evacuating tens of thousands of people a day. The Nuclear Plant caused a huge radiation in Japan that damaged their food and water supplies. “The aftermath of the tragic events in Japan will obviously affect the domestic economy,” said by Takuji Aida, an economist at UBS Securities Japan.

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Some might argue that helping Japan is endangering ourselves because the question is where are we going to get the money to help them? Although this is true, we still need to help out Japan in this disaster because they provide a lot of things we use; such as Sony Electronics, as well as Honda and Toyota vehicles. Back in August 2005, Hurricane Katrina hit Florida as a category 3 hurricane, as it moved over Florida, it grew up to a category 5 hurricane, hit Louisiana, and destroyed everything in its path. The property damage was estimated as $81 billion dollars; to fund this kind of money, people from all over the world helped us. Would this cause inflation or deflation to the currency in the United States? This caused a huge amount of debt for people and therefore led to inflation, Natural disasters cause a lot of cities problem and create huge amounts of debt, not just in the country where it hit, but in the world wide. The confirmed death toll is 1,836, mainly from Louisiana (1,577), and Mississippi (238), cited by Wikipedia.

By 4:45, May 3, 1999, Oklahoma had issued their first tornado warning. This tornado, an F-5 tornado tore through Oklahoma. Hilary Hylton says, Oklahomans called it “The Tornado from Hell.” This tornado hit its peak wind speed at 318 M.P.H.

, which made it the strongest wind recorded on Earth. In property damage, it totaled almost $1 billion. We need multiple companies to help these situations in order to be there financially and emotionally for people who are in distress and in need of help. People may say that we don’t need to help other countries, because we are already in a downward spiraling economy. If one country get hits by a natural disaster, that country doesn’t just get affected, it affects the whole world.

We need to set up multiple organizations and fund money to help countries who are in need of assistance and funds.