Natural Phenomenon

What is natural phenomenon? Natural phenomenon is an observable event which is not man-made.There are several natural phenomenon in our world.

Some of them are very awesomeand some of them are very deadly and horrendous. Examples of the awesome natural phenomenon are aurora borealis also known as the northern lights and bioluminescence. Hurricanes,earthquakes and tornadoes might seem like the most dangerous natural phenomenon on Earth, but floods and droughts actually killed more Americans compared to other natural disasters. Some of the rarest and miraculous natural phenomenon are fire whirls. The fire whirls, fire devil or fire tornado, is a rare natural phenomenon that occurs when a fire, combined by certain air temperature, forms a whirl that rises into the air like a tornadoe. The fire whirl usually occurs during bush fires.

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Besides that,a phenomenon known as ‘light poles’ and it can be seen at nights over the large cities with different coloured lights. They can only be seen during very cold weather. Not to forget the horrendous and deadly natural phenomenon, for example, the most common one in Malaysia is floods. Floods occurs most commonly from heavy rainfall when natural watercourses do not have the capacity to convey excess water. However, floods are not always caused by heavy rainfall.

They can also be caused from dam failure. Do you remember the flooding in Kelantan last year? That particular flood affected 200,000 people and killed 21 people. The tsunami and earthquakein Japan was also one of the most horrendous and historical natural disaster. But,it was neither the largest nor the deadliest earthquake and tsunami to strike this century. That record goes to the 2004 Banda Aceh earthquake and tsunami in Sumatra,which killed more than 200,000 people. Let’s not forget the rarest but quite deadly phenomenon that occur on Earth.

One of them being the Rogue Waves. Once thought to be mythical, rogue waves are somehow larger than most waves that occur out of nowhere. Also known as “freak” or “monster” waves, reports of rogue waves have continued for years. The Rogue Waves, once recorded to be over 84-feet tall. Rogue waves have sweptvictims on land in early July 2012, a rogue wave hita group of teens who are kayakingas they took a break,supposedly took one boy along.

Millions of people are affected by natural disasters every year, and their results can be can be quite disastrous. From the destruction of buildings to the spread of disease, natural disasters can destroy an entire countries overnight. Tsunamis, earthquakes and tornadoes do not just cause havoc on land,they can alsopeople’s lives in both densely populated cities and remote villages. In the past 20 years, 90% of major disasters have been caused by 6,457 recorded floods, storms, heat waves, droughts and other weather events. Indonesia, India and the Philippines are among the five countries that have the highest number of disasters, besides the United States and China.

Everyday,there are thousands of millions people around the world who are victims from natural disasters. Most commonly, floods,earthquakes and drought.We can help them by donating money. There are several websites and charity programs out there. But,what if you can’t afford to donate money? Helping doesn’t necessarily means we need to spend money, we can also help the victims by organising a school fundraiser. We can donate things like clothes,food,daily needs such as mattresses and quilts.

Another thing is, we don’t need to start big. In fact, start small. You don’t need a big group of people to help the victims. Every donation, regardless the size can make a big difference. So, start donating today.