Nepal earthquake

The most recent earthquake in Nepal has affected the area and surrounding areas in very negative ways. This is shown in an article by CNN, “The United Nations has said the quake has affected 8 million people across 39 districts.” (CNN) Inside of Nepal there are many homeless, large amounts of injured, as well as many dead or dying. There are also lots of destroyed ancient architecture that was a part of the area’s culture. This earthquake has affected the area in a destructive way, even with all the help from around the world they still can’t help everyone get into a home or at least something to cover their heads where they can rest.

Many people are homeless at this moment, they’ve lost their precious possessions as well as a place where they can feel comfortable at. Many people have been removed from their homes because of safety precautions “Half a million tents are urgently needed for the huge number of people forced from their homes by Nepal’s devastating earthquake, a government minister said Wednesday”. (CNN) Those who are homeless right now may be living in tents or just living in a place where there is something over their heads. Some of those who are homeless may not even realise it because they’re in a makeshift tent hospital because of injuries. While most of the homeless are on the streets some of those who are living in tents are only living their because they’re recovering from injuries, in some cases very serious injuries. There are many injured men, women and children because of this earthquake.

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Many of those are inside a makeshift hospital made from tents so they don’t have the best medical care. Lots of injured may not even be found yet because of all the rubble from the buildings. Even after the injured recover they just either go and sleep on the streets or they sleep in tents. This earthquake has a death toll of over five thousand at the moment this being written. Some of the dead may not even be found yet because of the rubble covering their bodies or people just aren’t looking in the right places.

While there are “hospitals” around the area many of the injured are still dying or have died. While there have been confirmed identities of dead bodies many of their family members remain uninformed of their loss because the only way to get to them is by mouth, or possibly phone if their phone isn’t dead or broken. Even with all of this loss of lives there is always hope for new lives to be created after this disaster is over. Yet another loss caused by this earthquake is the amount of ancient architecture destroyed. Many buildings have been brought down by the earthquake such as many homes and government buildings.

An ancient tower called The Dharahara Tower has been destroyed by the earthquake as well. Many buildings dating as far back as 3rd century BCE have been significantly damaged. A 17th century Vatsala Durga temple had also been demolished. A final example of only some of the buildings destroyed in this earthquake is the Boudhanath Buddhist Temple Complex, it has been massively damaged but some of it has survived.