Earthquake Destruction

We’ve seen many things come from underneath the ground.

But this thing that comes from underneath shakes violently destroying everything. Natural disasters are mother nature killing mass amounts of people, Earthquakes are natural disasters are the same thing. AEarthquake is the earth’s crust shaking. It’s caused when a rock underground suddenly breaks along a fault. Earthquakes are the shaking, rolling, or sudden shock of the earth’s crust. They can cause horrible deaths because it triggers other natural disasters.

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Luckily we have scientist who are trying to predict earthquakes, until then they cannot be predicted. Therefore, earthquakes are the worst natural disaster because it triggers other natural disasters. Earthquakes are caused by tectonic movements in the Earth’s crust. In the headline data set the author is saying “all plates that make up the earth’s crust are moving, but not in the same directions. When they moves against each other it causes disturbance.

The author states ; ” When the rock breaks the earthquake occurs.” Basically the author is saying when the rock breaks in half, an earthquakes happens. The plates are pushing against each other when one suddenly falls an earthquake happens. Earthquakes are a natural disaster that violently shake. Scientist use the richter scale to measure an earthquake’s strength or how much energy it releases.

Seismogloligst record seismic waves. Earthquakes are the worse when you’re in a high building. In china an earthquakes happened leaving more than 80,000 dead or missing accordingto the headline data set. Many buildings aren’t constructed to stand up to violently shaking so they collapse. Earthquakes can can trigger other natural disasters such as, mud slides, fires, tsunami’s and much more. According to the earthquake data set, there is no foolproof way yet to predict earthquakes.

Scientist know where earthquakes are going to happen but they just can’t predict them. The scientist now of today are working on finding a way to prevent them. Scientist have tried many ways to predict earthquakes but neither of have been working. Therefore, Earthquakes are the worst natural disasters ever. Earthquakes are caused by the tectonic plates that make up earths crust.

They leave alot damage.Still to this day scientist are trying to predict earthquakes many people won’t die as much and many lives would be saved.