Nestern Europe

This largely encouraged them to indulge in foreign marketing by directly liaising with CUE thus making investment in those countries. Being located in Nesters Europe, particularly in Austria, was an added advantage since strong bonds had been created during the cold war thus a clear understanding of the market at that time compared to other countries which gave them an added opportunity. Opening up the tariff barriers allowed Grant to partner with other gigantic companies such as Nestle, Coca-Cola and Pepsi making it to gain a wide scope of customers.

Also stipulations on increased industrialization from the European Union have forced the company to focus on expansion in order to compete with other growing companies’ worldwide and ensure threshold growth of both Austria and the countries which have their substitutes branches. According to Grant strategy in 2010, plans were underway to ensure continuous expansion since Grant has started refining waste from its sugar, wheat and corn, it had also began plans to indulge in befoul and also in beverage production such as ethanol.

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This has increasingly eloped it to reconstruct itself and form a strong base as a winning international company. It has also applied a three basic strategy of ensuring it maximally utilizes it resources, plans and improves its performance to meet the customers’ standards.

It has also had differential leadership based on vision and strategic planning ensuring that the risks of credit, liquidity and incurring of losses are prevented. It has also had customer oriented focus thus retaining and also increasing their loyalty to them Inch is an added advantage. 2. From a resource-based view, what is behind

Grand’s impressive growth? Grant has a wide variety of resources which it can use for its positive benefit so that is that it can grow. These include both the tangible and non-tangibles, these have brought about its continued efficiency to produce and also expand its horizons.

Reports from its fiscal year analysis showed that it has shown tremendous increase in its new branches which nave extended in third world countries to Iatric, it improved technology in the equipment it uses and also renewed machinery in order to cope up with the standards of the modern world.

Grant enjoys skills from its highly qualified employees from whom it attributes it success to. It treasures these employees by ensuring they are provided with all the required equipment and security at work and that they are satisfied and motivated by their way of delivery. Their frequent inventions and innovations helping it to increase the variety of products it offers have also increased. Such include the idea to start production of befouls and also the recycling of waste to produce refined foods and useful biodegradable products such as glucose in order to increase environmental sustainability and decrease pollution.

Its main raw materials which are mainly maize, sugar cane and potatoes are grown in many areas of Europe giving an added advantage.

It can also import these product from different countries of Europe and other continents thus no deficit. Further substitutes branches are located in areas Inhere the local materials are locally available. These are among the added advantages that have made it rise to a global supplier. 3. From an institution-based view, what opportunities and challenges have been roughs by the integration of EX. markets in both Western Europe and CUE? He EX.

and CUE have formed strong ties which have been extended from the time of the cold war and this has positively worked to enhance countries of such groups to form strong ties thus adversely helping Grant to establish itself and increase the opportunities of a good wide market. Both organizations have imposed new laws on Sugar Companies putting them pressure to diversify their products so as to compete Ninth other companies, this has worked as an opportunity for Grant to expand reduction to alcohols and befouls.

It has also constantly advertised on the need for sustainability of the environment thus recycling of waste which though an added cost is a plan embraced by Grant in order to start refining useful products through fermentation processes such as alcohols. EX. in particular has ensured that corporate and social responsibility of industries have been embraced so that industries bring positive effects such as employment , infrastructure and improved living conditions for the surrounding other than increased pollution and crime in order to bring up a orally upright society.

On the other hand the EX.

and CUE have posed as a big Challenge by their ability to regulate prices, the tariffs for both importation and exportation of goods. This has denied Grant the autonomy to decide the outcome of the company due to frequent fluctuations and irregularities in both their finished products and the raw materials that they require. Thus both the EX. and CUE have greatly influenced Grant through their continued advocacy for increased industrialization in Europe and the entire world.